Is this the year furries gain respect?

by Patch O'Furr

Furry wrestler pic courtesy of JCs Fluffytail

Furry wrestler pic courtesy of JCs Fluffytail

Pro wrestling is fake! Anyone with “good taste” sneers at it, right? But if wrestling is fake fighting, they do real falling. That’s tough performance. As Roger Ebert said, the sport isn’t real, but the activity is.

“The Wrestler”, 2008 movie directed by Darren Aronofsky, impressed me more than 99% of movies I’ve ever seen. It earned about as much love from pro movie critics. It impressed me by showing the humanity of a despised “bad taste” subject. It wiped sneers off faces and put a headlock on your heart. (Ha.)

Low culture

I love furries the same way. Wrestling doesn’t get much respect, and neither do they. But some “Low culture” thrives when it’s disregarded by the mainstream. Freedom comes with insulation from notice. Wikipedia names: “escapist fiction, kitsch, slapstick, camp, toilet humor, yellow journalism, pornography, and exploitation films”. Comics used to be considered trash. Add wrestling, and Furry.

I’d love to see furries treated as worthy characters for a movie that’s even remotely as well done as The Wrestler. Is this the year it’s starting to happen? Are furries getting more respect… at least as a niche demographic for movies?

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