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Month: July, 2014

Furries and fashion: do’s and don’ts

by Patch O'Furr

VICE magazine is reputed to be some kind of a “hipster” bible, earning love or hate, depending on your perspective. Actually, their news documentaries have earned plenty of respect. Even when they mess with readers, it can be surprisingly informative. You can see it in their “Furries” tag. (Notice the coverage of furries and the adult-crowdfunding site Offbeatr, a topic that can’t be left out of any discussion of a “furry economy”. You won’t find many journalists covering that.)

Fashion “do’s and don’ts” is one of their well-known features. (I’m told these are actually decided by a coin flip.) Today’s “Don’t” may disappoint a few costumers, and inspire others (like me): if you’re going to dress furry, don’t give it weak effort. Yiffy Sparkledogs or nothing!

I don’t follow VICE, but I’m checking in this week to see when they post my photo. One of their photographers got me to pose this weekend outside a show. I won’t post it here because my outfit wasn’t a fursuit- just a glitter-bedazzled nightmare. But it was an ensemble I did build to match a partial suit, for the right furry occasion. I’ll rock it elsewhere.

Dressing a character in endless wardrobe options is an under-appreciated partial-fursuit performance tactic, I think. The more cartoonish, the better. I have an article sitting in drafts about the fun of furry fashion experimenting. It concerns topics like ridiculous thrift store finds, that couldn’t have a better match than a fursuit.

“Patch’s fursuit fashion tips” is coming whenever I get the inspiration to finish it.

Furry news of the week: Pseudo-furries past and future (7-28-14)

by Patch O'Furr

It’s the regular feature of news bites, scoops, and Snausage links. Tips welcome- I’d love to post yours!
Only minor stories got my attention this week, so I threw in a few topic starters.

– Technology’s Rainbow Connection – Silicon Valley’s Embrace of the Gay and Lesbian Community
The NY Times article relates to a general conflict about keeping subculture “weird” vs. inviting mainstream attention. (For example- A sex educator has trouble understanding why people wear costumes to gay pride parades, especially Furries.) Thanks for the shout out, Tristan!

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Furry news of the week: fursuiters in flight (7-18-14)

by Patch O'Furr

San Francisco’s Frolic Party news, Jagermeister’s ads, Fursuiters in flight, Music videos, MONGRELS are guests for Fur Con, and MUCH more…
News bites, scoops, and Snausage links- a regular feature. Tips welcome- I’d love to post yours!

– Furries Frolic In San Francisco: Queerty news.

The influential monthly Furry club night, Frolic, has a story on Queerty. (It’s hosted at a historic gay bar, due to their friendliness to subculture.) Next week, July 25, Frolic hosts it’s popular 4th annual special outdoor event for 100-200 attendees, Furries In the Wild.

– Jagermeister’s ads.

The drink named after “master of hunters” got many views for their anthropomorphic ads. Their marketing team has included “one of the organizers for Eurofurence.”

– Fursuit Bungee Jumping in Germany.

Share: “Keenora and a bunch of Euro furs all went bungee jumping, and their pictures were on the news.”


– Sakurafox Suiting Suggestions 7: Flying and TSA inspection of fursuits

The 7th entry in Sakura Fox’s super helpful series, goes in-depth for anyone who flies with this special cargo. (My less-than-perfect solution of an action packer with bungee cords had problems on this month’s trip to Anthrocon. They changed rules so no bungee cords are allowed, leaving me with a flight to catch and just a roll of cheap tape to protect it. Yikes!)

– Furries in music videos this week.

Weird Al’s “Tacky” has ears and rainbow tail on background actors at 1:40.

In San Francisco, indie rapper MC Crumbsnatcher made the fourth music video in a grossout-humor themed series full of furry performers. (I acted in Husky suit with another actor dressed in a toilet suit- I drank from the bowl and got whacked with a newspaper.) Video production came from a furry-run studio, and DJ Neonbunny of Frolic.

In Toronto, a cast of 90% local fursuiters shot a music video for indie musician Megan Lane. Behind the Scenes: “In the music video, people from the furry community stand in as stunning visual representation for underdogs.” (Shared by Potoroo, music fur and Torfur list mod.)

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Enough squeaker abuse- let’s upgrade fursuit sound effects!

by Patch O'Furr

Who is this amazing snarling werewolf from Anthrocon 2014? He inspired this post… (edit: video down)

This is for barking, growling, purring fursuiters of the future.

If you’ve been to a furry con, you’ve heard the use and abuse of squeakers. They sound hilarious when you first hear them. I sure was charmed when I heard them the first time!

It gets old… fast. Forums joke about charging a fee for every time someone uses a squeaker. But don’t let me trash them wholesale… they’re wonderful in moderation. I love meeting fursuiters who put them in their paws, and don’t “talk” with them, but unexpectedly squeak them on you if you go for a hug.

Voice performing is great, but not everyone has a voice for it. There must be other great sound enhancements for costumers. When I see what some people do with electronics, it makes me imagine wide open potential for tech-assisted sound effects.

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Furry news of the week: Pittsburgh’s official “Anthrocon Day” (7-5-14)

by Patch O'Furr

ANTHROCON’s official holiday, world record, FBI investigation – Wolfgem and Beastcub recover from tragedy – New con: Pac Anthro Weekend – More

Here’s the regular feature of Furry news bites, scoops, and Snausage links. Tips welcome- I’d love to post yours!

– July 5th officially declared “Anthrocon Day” by Pittsburgh’s Mayor!

– WTAE reports: Furries return to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon
Pittsburgh TV on the world’s largest annual Furry convention that brings around 6000 people and $7 million to the city.

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An $850 correction and thanks to Bos’n Otter

by Patch O'Furr

Previous post, Making a successful Furry float for San Francisco Pride 2014, reported a budget of around $1000. I completely neglected to add the most important costs- all paid for by Bos’n Otter: $450 for a float entry fee, and $400 for truck rental and gas. He hasn’t solicited any donations, but I’ll happily pass his contacts to anyone who would offer.

Making a successful Furry float for San Francisco Pride 2014

by Patch O'Furr

(Video from SFPride/Clear Channel. Unedited here at 2:36:00 – may be NSFW.)

Bay Area Furries brought the first Furry float to SF Pride since 2004 or so. I estimate 50 at the parade (with 20 or more fursuiters), plus 20 or more at attached Pride events we held. We carried out a long-time wish to be in the parade after two years of informal Pride meets.

Setting aside the reason for Pride, here’s stuff I learned about fursuiting – a request for help with contributing photos/videos – and a no-expectation hint that donations would be loved to cover costs (but really, the $1000 budget was a gift.) Read the rest of this entry »