Furry news of the week: Pittsburgh’s official “Anthrocon Day” (7-5-14)

by Patch O'Furr

ANTHROCON’s official holiday, world record, FBI investigation – Wolfgem and Beastcub recover from tragedy – New con: Pac Anthro Weekend – More

Here’s the regular feature of Furry news bites, scoops, and Snausage links. Tips welcome- I’d love to post yours!

– July 5th officially declared “Anthrocon Day” by Pittsburgh’s Mayor!

– WTAE reports: Furries return to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon
Pittsburgh TV on the world’s largest annual Furry convention that brings around 6000 people and $7 million to the city.

– Anthrocon broke their 2013 world record for largest fursuiter gathering.
1,162 were announced in 2013 (possibly leaving out a portion of up to 1300.) The new record is officially 1326:


– FBI investigates threats against ‘furries’ in town for convention
Furries haven’t considered threats to be serious, as quoted in link above. Pittsburgh TV has more.

– Living with loss: The slow recovery of Gemily West
Sacramento news reports about furry life following a tragedy. Wolfgem and her slain boyfriend Hari were victims of a hit-and-run driver that attracted much furry attention through reports by her sister Beastcub.

– Pac Anthro Weekend: new convention for San Francisco Bay Area
Local organizers experienced in con planning have raised interest in a new convention, tentatively discussed for a Fall weekend. It offers an alternative that will augment the popularity of Further Confusion in the SF Bay. More here.

– I performed for GLTV’s “Nomi Show”
Nomi Darling, fabulous drag queen / film maker / comedian in Pittsburgh (by way of San Francisco), found me on the street at Anthrocon. We hit it off with plenty of S.F. stories in common. She asked me to help make a comedy skit, and I was more than happy! (I love performing and dancing for skits and music videos.) I play her instant Furry boyfriend. We did a street scene, drinks and slow dancing in a club. Nomi mentioned her work is due to screen on GLTV, that has up to 80,000 viewers.

It’s light-hearted “bad taste” in the style of John Waters (previous Furry coverage here). Please be acquainted with him before hating on me for this, thank you! 🙂 We’re genuine affiliates to each other’s subcultures and there’s no content worse than a short clothed teaser:

– Amazing baying, snarling werewolf from Anthrocon!