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FURRIES love anthropomorphism. Animals who act like people are in media from Disney cartoons, to werewolf movies, and cyberpunk hybrid fiction. The furry fandom has members around the world. They flock to meets and conventions over 10,000 strong, where they flaunt millions worth of independent art. Want a look inside this subculture? Look here. Dogpatch Press is the most active Furry News source since 2014. It’s a source for stories in Rolling Stone, the L.A. Times, Vice, and more. The site has 1000+ articles with book reviews, interviews, investigations and history. Expect a subjective personal voice with love for pop culture, sharp-clawed opinions to dig out the truth, and a nose for news with tail wagging fun. It’s all shared here free for the love of it, to spread the news of why furries have one of the most creative subcultures around.

  • “A prominent furry news blogger” – Forbes
  • “A popular hub for discussion of furry issues” – The Daily Dot
  • “One of the community’s main news and reportage sites” – Daily KOS

TOPICS: (See also Special Features and Top Articles)

  • Furry history: Roots in 1970’s indie comics and science fiction fandom, and myths since time began.
  • Mainstream notice and crossover: In the media and on the street.
  • Subculture and superfans: They do it with a dogged DIY spirit.
  • Creators and makers: Writing, art, animation, costuming, dance and music.
  • Indie business: For love as much as money.
  • Freaky cool: Trash, punk, kink, comedy, and WTF happenings.
  • Not furry but it’s in the dogpark: Nature, fashion, theater, psychology, Sasquatches.
  • The Furry Condition: Why do people go wild for it? Make-believe is for everyone.

GUEST WRITERS:  Ask for help or just submit an article. Use plain text or Word, any length is OK, and attach/link pics/vids. Expect editing help and thank-you payment (it’s a community service.)

REVIEWS: Ask if we can promote your work, or volunteer to get stuff to write about.



PATCH O’FURR (Founder): a fabulous husky dog. Patch made this to be like his ideal 1990’s zine. He has been a guest speaker and dancer on stages and TV, and organizes meets of up to several hundred furries. His favorite things are street fursuiting and hugs. He supports creators, dreamers, and happy weirdos, and he’s almost housebroken by now.

FRED PATTEN (1940-2018) – Furry’s favorite historian and reviewer, “considered one of the main founders of the furry fandom.” Fred was an honored contributor to sources like Cartoon Research, lead by Jerry Beck (president of The International Animated Film Society.) For several years this site gave him a home as a disabled elder to stay up front in fandom.

PUP MATTHIAS (Contributing Editor): Part of Furry fandom since 2009. His involvement is going to cons, socializing, and volunteering for the site. He does a weekly book review show, Bookworm Reviews for books of all shapes and sizes. What he cares about most is that you have a nice day.

In the media:


Robert Evans does Worst Year Ever.




INVASION BY HATE GROUPS: They wormed in with methods they can use against any subculture (like neo-nazis in punk). Rocky Mountain Fur Con was canceled 12 hours after an expose broke here. “The intricacies of the story were first reported on the Dogpatch Press, a blog devoted to news about the furry community.” – Blair Miller, Denver7


TRAGEDY IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA:  A triple homicide took loved members of the furry community. Patch helped a reporter to define the community, interview members, get a tip to police, replace rumor with facts, raise sympathy and spread a fundraiser. “Dogpatch Press, an online news site for the furry community, said in a statement that the Sept. 24 homicides – in which at least two of the victims are either active furries or have ties to that world – have been devastating.” – Scott Schwebke, Orange County Register


FURRIES AND ZOOTOPIA: Patch organized a theater screening for the Disney blockbuster. Hundreds attended, among the largest international Furry screenings. An article about them drew viral sharing and highest traffic on the site.


COLLEGEHUMOR AND THE URSA MAJOR AWARDS:  CollegeHumor picked Dogpatch Press to spread exclusive news of the animated series Furry Force. Patch nominated it for the furry community’s Ursa Major award. It led CollegeHumor to lobby for votes, bringing unprecedented traffic to the award. Some fans were critical of being parodied, but award organizers praised the outside notice for what furries like. Furry Force won, beating My Little Pony for an upset victory. Writer Adam Conover said “What better honor is there for comedy writers, than for the community that you are making fun of to give you an award for how much they love what you made?”  Patch appeared as a cameo in episode 3.


More Love and fandom


  • “What is “furry fandom,” you may ask? I’m not quite sure how to describe it, even though the phenomenon has attracted growing media coverage. Best you visit Dogpatch Press and explore “furry fandom” for yourself.” – Michael Barrier (author of Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation in Its Golden Age)
  • “Very diverse material, from newly published books, to important fandom news.” – Jesus Fox Forgives Your Yiffs
  • “Dogpatch.Press has always been a source of inspiration… an invaluable resource for our community. ” – Culturally F’d
  • “Dogpatch Press did an amazing investigative job on this one. They’re a regular Woofward and Barkstein!” – Furry Buzzfeed
  • “Awesome blog! It’s real! I’m a fan of Furry and everything that has to do with the subculture.” Hunter Fox (author of A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay.)
  • “Patch O’Furr… defanged prejudices or assumptions about the Furry community, and was cautious to not speak for the entirety of his tribe… It was insightful to see, with levity firmly intact.” – Courting Comedy

How do you “end up” in charge of a site you started?

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