Independence always comes first for reporting, researching sources, receiving tips, and keeping investigation secure. Dogpatch Press reserves all rights for editors and admins. This policy may apply to contributors on the site or accounts connected to it at discretion of the site Owner.

(A) Service

By visiting the site, contributing content, or engaging with it anywhere, you are using Service and agree to the following terms.

  1. Users are guests. They benefit from the Owner’s generosity of Service for fandom, not for profit, and nobody is entitled to the labor of editing, promoting, building and maintaining a site at constant cost to the Owner.
  2. Content isn’t consent. (Including quotes, tweets, guest writing, or any other activity like following accounts). It implies no relationship, endorsement or obligation by the Owner unless specifically written and kept up to date as a signed contract.
  3. No bias is implied by lack of Service. Resources are limited for prioritizing, researching and completing hundreds of projects. Service may be omitted, modified or discontinued at any time.

(B) Creating or modifying content

In general, content on the site will be kept secure and as published. Outside directions to create, modify or remove will not be considered, except in these cases:

  1. Factual errors like a wrong name or year.
  2. Formal notice by lawyer letter; be aware that Dogpatch Press is experienced in winning legal battles to defend speech.
  3. A considerate request from one source may be considered.

Requests must assume good faith of the Owner and associates, and use persuasion with no entitlement. There are many reasons you may receive no comment, especially for security of private investigation. See (A)3.

(C) Abuse of Service

Declining Service is final. Pressure, entitlement or abuse will be blocked and never considered. Abuse may include:

  1. Targeting with grudges, harassment, or mass brigading (such as callouts, hashtags, or demands about sources).
  2. Mischaracterizing and misquoting out of context, Catch-22’s (“you only did it for clout”/”you didn’t do it because of favoring ___”), baiting and manipulation to set up “gotchas” (“did you stop beating your wife yet”, “silence about ___ means ___”).
  3. Outside publication of content such as private messages, draft writing, outdated versions, or anything out-of-context and not approved by the Owner implies bias that invalidates any claim about it.

(D) License to use content

Contributors of guest writing, comments, tips, and any content (unless granted off-record privilege) agree by submitting it to any account connected to the site:

  1. License is granted for Dogpatch Press and the Owner to use it freely for any media purpose, with no obligation.
  2. Contributors are receiving valuable Service that is not to be taken for granted, undermined or disparaged.
  3. If Service is discontinued, you’re free to post your own content anywhere else you like, but will not expect any further Service.

By using Service, you agree that this policy is on public display, and you alone are responsible for following these terms. You agree to drop all claims to further Service immediately if discontinued, and violating these terms makes you responsible for termination plus damage and costs. If you don’t agree to these terms, you will not use the site or submit any content to any account connected to the site at any time.