Dogpatch Press reserves all rights for editors and admins. Independence always comes first for researching sources, receiving tips, keeping active investigation secure, and reporting.

Reporting is a free service for fandom, not for profit. No relationship is implied for any content, including quotes, tweets, community access guest writing, and other sources and activity on site or off, unless in formal contract. No obligation or endorsement is implied unless specifically stated.

In general, content will be kept secure and as published. Outside directions to create, modify or remove will be declined, except in these cases:

  1. Factual errors like a wrong name or year.
  2. By formal notice such as a lawyer letter.
  3. A thoughtful request from one source may be considered.

Assume good faith of the site and guests, and use persuasion with no entitlement. Non-response isn’t a statement of belief, affiliation or intentions. Abuse of service will not be accommodated.

Declining is final and pressure ends conversation. Targeting the site with grudges, harassment, mass brigading (such as with callout groups or hashtags), putting words in mouths with misquoting or mischaracterizing, Catch-22’s (“you only did it for clout”/”you didn’t do it because of protecting ___”), manipulation and “gotchas” (“did you stop beating your wife yet”, “silence about ___ means ___”) will never be considered and will be blocked.

Admins may apply this policy to contributors on the site and accounts used by or followed by the site.

For more about what Dogpatch Press does and why the policy matters, here’s a long Q&A.