Denver’s Fox Trot Club – Q&A for “The Furclub Survey”, from organizer Kelar.

by Patch O'Furr

Furclubbing:  “A repeat/regular nightclub event by furries for furries.”  It’s a New Thing that’s been spreading since the late 2000’s.

This kind of dance party is independent from cons.  This builds on the growth of cons, and takes things farther.  It’s more established than events that happen once, house parties or informal meets.  Those can be inner-focused, or gather cliquish friends to only seek each other.   This brings partnership with venues that aren’t hotels, and supportive interest in the kind of events they host and promote.  It crosses a line to public space.  A stranger may walk in off the street to discover their new favorite thing.  It encourages new blood and crossover to other scenes.

See the list of parties at The Furclub survey.  Anyone that gives a Q&A will get their own article.  Kelar tells you more…

Fox Trot Club in Denver, CO (2011 – now)  5989342254_b9fa9e3ac0_m

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