Fred Patten’s “What the Well-Read Furry Should Read”: October Update.

by Patch O'Furr

Submitted by Fred Patten, Furry’s favorite historian and reviewer.

Fred’s list covers an exhaustive variety of decades worth of Furry fiction, including classics from long ago.  (It occurs to me that Watership Down has an undeniably deserved place at the top of the list, but The Wind In The Willows is overlooked!  Maybe it should be reviewed?)

See the original list, including Fred’s Top Ten Classics.  After a while, all updates will be added there for completion.  But for now, find the newest items here.

The list is organized in three sections: First by author, Second by title, each linked to Fred’s reviews, and Third Fred’s other articles he has written about the fandom.  Enjoy and I hope you find your next Furry classic.

(Thanks to the Furry Writer’s Guild for granting Associate Membership because of this list and more. Thanks to Poppa Bookworm for help with formatting. – Patch)


The Guardian HerdAkins, Gary  Who Killed Kathleen Gingers?
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn  The Guardian Herd: Stormbound
Ayroles, Alain & Masbou, Jean-Luc  De Cape et De Crocs, t. 11

Blasingame, Ted R.  Blue Horizon: Book 2
Blasingame, Ted R.  Second Chance: Furmankind II
Blasingame, Ted R.  Sunset of Furmankind (expanded ed.)

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