About Patch the dog

In 2012 I started posting stories to Flayrah furry news. It was the best source of reading about this wild and colorful little subculture. It was super fun to get into a writing hobby. You could never predict what the next topic would be.

In 2014 the editor was very occupied with running other sites. A long backlog of my stories built up and held back what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to put brakes on my writing hobby so I made this for an outlet to rev it up higher.

When I was really new to furries and fursuiting in 2012 a blogger did a street interview with me. It’s tipsy and silly and maybe not on the same planet as many people, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

The interviewer is Charlie Ballard. He’s a stand up comedian who’s been on Comedy Central and America’s Got Talent. He explores San Francisco for his fabulous blog and caught me outside Frolic, the furry dance club.

Oh! I’m a dog! I don’t know what blogs are.