Furry news of the week: fursuiters in flight (7-18-14)

by Patch O'Furr

San Francisco’s Frolic Party news, Jagermeister’s ads, Fursuiters in flight, Music videos, MONGRELS are guests for Fur Con, and MUCH more…
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– Furries Frolic In San Francisco: Queerty news.

The influential monthly Furry club night, Frolic, has a story on Queerty. (It’s hosted at a historic gay bar, due to their friendliness to subculture.) Next week, July 25, Frolic hosts it’s popular 4th annual special outdoor event for 100-200 attendees, Furries In the Wild.

– Jagermeister’s ads.

The drink named after “master of hunters” got many views for their anthropomorphic ads. Their marketing team has included “one of the organizers for Eurofurence.”

– Fursuit Bungee Jumping in Germany.

Share: “Keenora and a bunch of Euro furs all went bungee jumping, and their pictures were on the news.”


– Sakurafox Suiting Suggestions 7: Flying and TSA inspection of fursuits

The 7th entry in Sakura Fox’s super helpful series, goes in-depth for anyone who flies with this special cargo. (My less-than-perfect solution of an action packer with bungee cords had problems on this month’s trip to Anthrocon. They changed rules so no bungee cords are allowed, leaving me with a flight to catch and just a roll of cheap tape to protect it. Yikes!)

– Furries in music videos this week.

Weird Al’s “Tacky” has ears and rainbow tail on background actors at 1:40.

In San Francisco, indie rapper MC Crumbsnatcher made the fourth music video in a grossout-humor themed series full of furry performers. (I acted in Husky suit with another actor dressed in a toilet suit- I drank from the bowl and got whacked with a newspaper.) Video production came from a furry-run studio, and DJ Neonbunny of Frolic.

In Toronto, a cast of 90% local fursuiters shot a music video for indie musician Megan Lane. Behind the Scenes: “In the music video, people from the furry community stand in as stunning visual representation for underdogs.” (Shared by Potoroo, music fur and Torfur list mod.)

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