Fur & Loathing podcast concludes, expect more Furry True Crime reporting to come

by Patch O'Furr

Listen to Fur and Loathing here.

Here’s a wrap-up for the investigation of the Midwest Furfest 2014 chemical attack, by Nicky Woolf with help from Dogpatch Press. For the last episode, we recorded discussion of these points (although not all made the final cut…)

  • Being a community under attack.
  • The limits of the justice system, and how people can get away with crime, even if we know it.
  • The need for community protection from inside.
  • It can also take resources and reach we don’t have by partnership with outside help.
  • Without public awareness and being fully informed, negligence can cause more harm.
  • How different could things be if we had more transparency 10 years ago?

REVIEW: “Fur and Loathing is so fucking good.” – Podcast Promise

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