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FUTURE FURSUITING: furry’s most original creations and the rise of tech-enabled smart suits.

by Patch O'Furr

The most original creations of furry fandom.

Here’s a fun feature about the future.  But first, let me make a bold claim about fursuiting.

Male-Peacock-displayingMascots and costuming have been around forever. But furries are doing something new. They don’t just play with generic icons from myths and media. They add original fursonas and custom craft for everyone. It makes a subculture with personal expression beyond anything else.

Of course, many furs don’t have (or want) fursuits.  But the ones who do make a photogenic face of fandom. Other groups do art and writing like this one, but I don’t think anyone else does costuming in such a specialized and devoted way.  So there’s nothing wrong with the way the fursuiters stand out.  Everything else is imagination – they bring it to life and help to define the tactile name of “furry”.  And the quality is developing beyond anything you can buy commercially.  Some dedicated makers now have careers by fans, for fans, leading a Furry Economy with an exciting future.  Look forward to amazing things.

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Enough squeaker abuse- let’s upgrade fursuit sound effects!

by Patch O'Furr

Who is this amazing snarling werewolf from Anthrocon 2014? He inspired this post… (edit: video down)

This is for barking, growling, purring fursuiters of the future.

If you’ve been to a furry con, you’ve heard the use and abuse of squeakers. They sound hilarious when you first hear them. I sure was charmed when I heard them the first time!

It gets old… fast. Forums joke about charging a fee for every time someone uses a squeaker. But don’t let me trash them wholesale… they’re wonderful in moderation. I love meeting fursuiters who put them in their paws, and don’t “talk” with them, but unexpectedly squeak them on you if you go for a hug.

Voice performing is great, but not everyone has a voice for it. There must be other great sound enhancements for costumers. When I see what some people do with electronics, it makes me imagine wide open potential for tech-assisted sound effects.

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