Breaking the furry law

by Patch O'Furr

I couldn't find Furries doing Judas Priest...

I couldn’t find Furries doing Judas Priest…

Are there laws about this hobby? There’s the cardinal rule of fursuiting: Don’t take the head off in public. “Don’t break the magic!”

The Magic makes eyes go wide- “AHH!! A 6-foot fox person!” (Or, as I answered a comment asking “Why go public suiting?” … There’s the AHH!! reaction on the street, vs. “There goes suiter #732,” at a con where furries just perform to each other. I kid- if you love it too, you know it’s fun.)

At a street fair, without a fursuit lounge, “The Magic” is made to be broken. Crowds swarm at you in killer heat with no privacy anywhere. So you duck into a corner, take off the head, and become the Invisible Man. When the head goes back on, it flips a switch like bringing Frankenstein’s monster to life.

I think I broke some magic this week by raising another scary boogeyman… the PORN topic. More about that in a minute… First, another thought about creating and breaking.

I read an excellent article. It clarified important stuff not always understood by artists about computer based creating. Computer use can split into two paradigms: text based coding and “hacking”, vs. a “WYSIWYG” interface and analog input (a mouse or drawing tablet). Here’s an easy analogy-

Anyone who has used Microsoft Word knows the scenario: after applying several layers of formatting, the document’s behaviour seems to become erratic: remove a carriage return, and the whole layout of a subsequent paragraph might break. This is because the underlying structure of the rich text document remains opaque to the user.

Underneath “furry subculture” is very loosely coded understanding: we’re not into that… It’s just “crazy Uncle Frank that the kids aren’t allowed to talk to” (to quote Uncle Kage.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 4.10.48 PM
This week, sharing many blog articles seemed to slightly spike new watchers on my FurAffinity account. There were 9 on one day. (Thanks for looking!) I posted about the first Journal of Porn Studies. 5 watches were immediately taken off, and 4 stayed. Not a big deal, but worth a comment!*

Why’d I start the topic? Drawn furry porn seems to offer a unique form of raw erotic expression. Call it a small ecosystem direct from producer to consumer, apart from corporations, and even budgets and regulations. I thought it might lead to some sort of researcher’s insight.

Next I posted the interview with Dr. Tibbals. Did the interview confirm any fears? She didn’t raise any specific “meaty” research to discuss… but I suspect it led to a hint of what Dr. Tibbals called: “Our general social-sexual repression.”

I can only guess about the watcher behavior… but was it mature? I didn’t show adult content, it was for adult discussion. The stuff exists, and it’s 2 clicks away for anyone. It doesn’t go away by covering your eyes, and peeping between your fingers when nobody’s looking. 😉 As a wise blogger said, “For anti-porn… the internet was the Chicxulub Asteroid.”

It makes me ask: who should speak about it? If we don’t, is it better to have rumor, stereotype and taboo?

I support healthy human imagination and freedoms, to an extreme point. Living in San Francisco, down the block from a “kink” industry headquarters, I enjoy knowing friendly humans who are both furries or friendly to them, and sex industry workers. They would probably say “Crazy Uncle Frank? You have no idea who I am…” (Would anybody like to hear from them?)

Or should I obey a law, and leave a strict line between private stuff, and stuff that’s safe for families at a street fair? (I’ve already had other thorny problems about what to share as “news”…)

Could such a line preserve The Magic? Like you HAVE to take your head off while fursuiting in a crowd that has no refuge… if public life is a street fair, and privacy is scarce, you can’t pretend a line is a shield. Sometimes rules are made to be broken.

When you’re a grown-up, you can have a sex life, AND be responsible without being inappropriate. Let that be the ideal for any speaker on the topic.

* EDIT: Fur Affinity watchers were removed due to a completely separate issue of bots.