Furry news of the week: Obama likes us (6/26/14)

by Patch O'Furr

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Note: Blogging here is going to be very sporadic for a while. I’m an organizer for a furry float in the San Francisco Pride Parade. Phone and email have been blowing up all week, there’s 70 RSVP’s and I have 2 meets to handle. Then there’s Anthrocon, and much more.

– Russell the Electric Giraffe meets the President
I was amused to see Lindz, owner of Russell the Electric Giraffe, using a Blotch avatar on Facebook. An intro video says:

Lindsay Lawlor once attended Burning Man in a full-sized Giraffe suit, until one day a friend of his suggested he build a mechanical giraffe from metal, electronics, and a slew of flashing LED lights…

Have fun reading about his trip to the White House to introduce Russell and Obama.

San Francisco’s Frolic seems to inspire a new Furry dance in Toronto
Tip from a San Francisco furry List: “New monthly event going on in Toronto. Sounds a lot like Frolic!”
Howl Toronto:

Autistic teen uses mascot suit to connect with peers
Secret identity: Autistic teen uses mascot suit to connect with peers.

The furriest thing ever:


submitted by CrossAffliction:


crossaffliction: I’m trying to formulate an Alien: Resurrection joke here, and failing.
crossaffliction: Rocket Raccoon and Groot share a new poster for Guardians of the Galaxy.
GreenReaper: British parliament mulls primate pet ban.
GreenReaper: Another long-lost furry game legend reappears: Star Fox is to return on the Wii U’s GamePad.
dronon: And now, a message for Californians about saving energy.
dronon: Disney Junior announces The Lion Guard.
mwalimu: Eric Hill, author and illustrator of the Spot the puppy children’s books, has died at age 86.
Rakuen Growlithe: FA has discontinued use of Viglink due to privacy fears, three years after the issues were raised.
mwalimu: Facebook group Concerned Parents Against the Furry Fandom and counter-group Furries Against Concerned Parents Against the Furry Fandom provoke much discussion about whether either or both groups are parodies.
GreenReaper: Scientists tease frogs with tasty crickets to test tongues.
Fred: The coat of arms of Inari, Lapland, Finland, is a fish with a reindeer’s antlers.
crossaffliction: I find the “they all grew male genitalia” genre more common, but I guess they had to keep it SFW. Also, hilarious coming all of one whole day after this.
GreenReaper: Got spare hubcaps? Why not make a giant owl out of them?
Rakuen Growlithe: The oldest cat in the world died on 6 June.
dronon: Direct-to-DVD animated release (?) – Agent F.O.X.
GreenReaper: What’s it like raising a pair of tigers at home? This family found out.
earthfurst: Ken Forsse, creator of Teddy Ruxpin, died in March at age 77. Obits at The Washington Post & TeddyRuxpinOnline.


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