Flock of furries in photo book – News of the week (8-21-14)

by Patch O'Furr

In this week’s news and links:
Anthrocon in photo book. Fursuiters in show for Gay Life TV, and French movie “Babysitting”. New con announcements.
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Courtesy Arthur Drooker / Coolhunting.com

Courtesy Arthur Drooker / Coolhunting.com

– Photography: “Conventional Wisdom” at Anthrocon

Flocks, pods of whales, conventions of humans… Arthur Drooker seeks unusual human behavior for his photo book. Design and documentary publisher, Coolhunting, posted his report from Anthrocon in July. Here’s the kind of conventions he’s covered, linked on his website : Furries, Santas, Clowns, Reenactors, Bronies, Ventriloquists, Taxidermists, and Lincolns. At a talk in May (at 1:38:00) Drooker described sensitivity of the Clown community to their images in pop culture (like in slasher movies.) Sound familiar?

– Meet the Furries of Rocky Mountain FurCon 2014

The Denver Westword was “the first magazine or newspaper worldwide to employ a medical marijuana critic.” Their staff emerged from the haze to get a slideshow of this con’s fursuiters.


– French movie: “Babysitting” puts fursuiters on big screens

Commenting on my article about furries gaining respect in movies, Vector tells us:  Fursuiters are in party scenes of the movie “Babysitting”, a comedy that was popular in France, with good reviews and prizes.  It’s released on DVD this week in France. Here’s fursuiter photos from the movie premiere.

– TV: The Nomi Show

Drag performer Nomi Darling has a sketch show for GayLifeTelevision.com. In #1, she goes on “a quest to party with the furries at the world’s largest annual furry convention” – on location at Anthrocon. I’m in episode 2 as her “furry boyfriend”.


– New Con:  Fursonacon announced in Virginia

Fursonacon, the “first Virginia based furry con”, promises to be “different than your average ‘first year’ convention.”  I’m impressed to read about their support organization and promotion planning.

– New Con:  Update from Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend

PAW is offering their first “awesome “relax-a-con” furry weekend” for November 14-16, 2014, in San Jose, CA.


– Community interest blog piece about an Australian furry

Kate is a new furry, since February; her fursona is “a lime green dingo called Miss Toxi De Vyne.” The author says: “While I’m not a furry myself, I want people to realise this isn’t a one-dimensional subculture. There’s so much to it!”

– The very real role that fantasy plays in our everyday lives

Furrymedia’s post gives a good long read about escapism and geek culture, especially the part about being a “part-time cat.”


submitted by CrossAffliction:


Fred: Men hired to impersonate monkeys.

mwalimu: New video, Megan Lane, “Someday We Will Leave this Town”, features fursuiters.

GreenReaper: Slow news day: LA police catch runaway tortoise.

crossaffliction: Mr. Plinkett reviews Sonic the Hedgehog! Sorta.

Fred: The central Asian wild Pallas’ cat.

Fred: Seagulls have invaded Rome and eat the Pope’s doves.

crossaffliction: And here I thought Yoshi’s name was, you know, Yoshi.

crossaffliction: Flayrah contributor (former, apparently) Higgs Raccoon is now a theatrically released director. [ajtexasranger/Reddit]

Fred:A day in the life of NYC’s hospital for wild birds.”

GreenReaper: Wikipedians claim macaque owns selfie copyright, refusing camera-owner’s removal request.

Fred: Golden Bat, Japanese TV animated superhero, 1967-68. Real golden bat discovered in Bolivia, 2014.

GreenReaper: In fact, Wikimedia’s position is that the image is in the public domain as non-humans cannot own copyright.

Fred: Invite a giraffe to breakfast in Nairobi.

Fred: One parrotfish poops 800 pounds of white sand a year.

Fred:How to use your cat to hack your neighbor’s wi-fi.”

Fred: Finnish moomin fursuiters.

InkyCrow: Watership Down is now available for purchase via iTunes from the Criterion Collection. Upgraded DVD/Blu-Ray presumably to follow.

Fred: Death of 155-year-old eel provokes laughter.

Fred: Where wearing fantastic costumes, including anthro animal-people, is part of everyday religion.