The news is full of fursuiters and animation: Furry news dump (8-31-14)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s some news curated from a Furry view.  Enjoy a big sloppy bowl of news bites, scoops, and Snausage links.  Tips welcome- I’d love to post yours!



Media attention is very active recently…


– Fursuiter in San Francisco magazine. 

This feature page about bronies has local furry “Quinnton Fox” in pony suit.

– Bronies in San Francisco’s The Bold Italic.  

A photo project documents Bronies, and what being one means.

– Wall Street Journal’s furry Photo of the Day.

A police officer halts traffic as delegates arrive to Eurofurence in Berlin.

–’s Furry group made the cover of San Diego Reader.

cover_tease_t670It’s crazy-adorable.  Page 4 of the article covers more about their meets.

– Furrymedia shares a big crop of convention articles:

Furry invasion: 2000 fans attended Eurofeurence in Berlin

The Furries make Berlin a playground of stuffed animals

2000 Furries meet at the Estrel Hotel

– Fursday’s reading list: “A Tale of Two Newspapers.”

One trashy tabloid loads it’s headline with sex, but another source gives a more fair approach to the same Furry topic.

– “Taboo” fetish photos in Huffington Post.

Most of these NSFW fetish photos have nothing to do with Furries, but one model is evidently a gothic fashion and costume enthusiast in a lovely, spooky, custom-made werewolf suit.


Videos, TV, movies and animation…


– USAGI YOJIMBO, the indie comic by Furry favorite artist Stan Sakai, gets a successful pitch for a feature film.

A headline-worthy event- see previous post of today.

– BOJACK HORSEMAN: anthropomorphic comedy cartoon series debuts on Netflix, and earns furry fan notice.

It’s cast includes Aaron Paul, making a move into voice acting following success in “Breaking Bad.”
Find the series on Netflix, or check the trailer:

– FAKE puppet dog plays pranks on real dogs!


Random internet fun…


Here’s a silly and a bit naughty fursuit photoshoot from Russia– showing that around the world, Furries are people I’d love to hang out with.

And here’s the most fun thing I saw on Twitter this week:

Tomorrow morning, and every monday this month, look for Parts 1-4 of a GREAT interview with Neonbunny, founding DJ of San Francisco’s Frolic party!