From counterculture to Furry: San Francisco’s Frolic party – interview with Neonbunny part 1

by Patch O'Furr

02Interview series:  Artists, animation directors, DJ’s and event organizers, superfans, and more…
Neonbunny is founding DJ and promoter of Frolic. The 90 minute interview has 4 parts, with one a week posting this month.


1) Counterculture to Furry – Neonbunny’s background in the SF Bay Area. 


For many furries in the world, the San Francisco Bay Area is the place to be. For many in the Bay, Frolic is THE most furry place. It isn’t the only center, but it’s an influential one. It’s not just the best Furry party… I’d call it the best party San Francisco has, period.  Check out Frolic’s website, and read about it in The Bold Italic magazine.

Neonbunny, founding DJ and promoter of Frolic, met me for a long interview over dinner. His partner Jody who handles tech, lighting and animation was with us.  It was a year ago, just after they got back from 2013’s Burning Man event in Nevada.  It was a nice place to start:


NeonBunnyFull-Suit(Neon)  – We’re still catching up from Burning Man.  Our living room is piled with all our gear – there’s dust in everything.

(Patch) –  My friends showed me videos of all the amazing sights. I hear it’s a week of bad food and good drugs.

And dust storms.

How many people were at Camp Fur?

Camp Fur itself had 45 people.  There were lots of furries elsewhere.

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