Gay Life TV’s “Nomi Darling Show” features fabulous furries, and my very special date with Nomi.

by Patch O'Furr


still2In July, I flew to Anthrocon in a rather poopy mood. Getting burdened with bad work on a fun trip will do that. I couldn’t even find a dog bowl of booze to drown my sorrows, because the stupid liquor stores had stupid closing hours. I walked back to the con hotel with a black cloud blocking the sparkles that usually follow my fursuit.

Then a stunning vision in a white fur coat grabbed me by my rainbow suspenders. She asked, “will you be my furry boyfriend?”  The cloud flew away, and we turned into TV stars!

The Nomi Darling Show, episode #2, has our date.  (It’s in “Love and the Fursuit of Happiness”, at the 26:00 mark.)

Sketch comedy/variety is the style of the show.  It highlights “Short films, parodies, topical satire, and original music videos from underground musicians”.   It reaches up to 80,000 viewers on Pittsburgh-based Gay Life Television – “the first LGBTQ-dedicated IPTV station in America that is both LGBTQ owned and operated.”

I’m a fan of raw, underground, defiantly “bad taste” comedy, punk rock and cult movies.  Think: John Waters. (He’s in my article that’s had longevity with traffic here.)  They treat budgets as afterthoughts to the fabulous freakiness of it all. Expect the same fun from Nomi.  I’ve enjoyed helping people make such things before – like a Furry music video from Queer Nerdcore rapper MC Crumbsnatcher. Of course I was going to be Nomi’s furry boyfriend!

nomiMore in Episode #2 of The Nomi Darling Show:  

At the second half, Nomi gives us 10 minutes of interviewing other fabulous furries from Anthrocon.

In the first half, Nomi has a housewarming party where she invites “Pittsburgh’s most illustrious personas”.  The sketch has a short film in the middle from Mario Ashkar.  (It has terrific music:  I had to look it up. It’s “Chrononaut & spacesynth musician”, Troxum – the kind of outrun electro music I love playing while I blog.  I’m glad I watched to find it.) Edit: Troxum traveled 9 billion light years to visit Anthrocon!  

Nomi has a lovely line in the sketch, that might sum up the whole reason for the show:

“We may not have a lot of money, but we have what really counts. Love and friendship. So shove that in your blistered cunt, Jingles!”

You’re the best, Nomi – Thanks for the special shout-out!

Check Nomi on Twitter – she’s doing updates about filming show #4.still3still4