A slightly naughty Furry News Dump (9-17-14)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s links, headlines and little bites of news to make your tail wag.  Tips are always welcome.


In the Media…


What Is a Furry? Beyond the Masks at Furry Migration 2014.

A refreshingly positive article in the Minneapolis Citypages has a three minute video. It has heavy focus on fursuiters, but quotes literary-furries too.

Symbicort’s cartoon wolves.
A :60 commercial spot for the pharma company was made to air nationally, using drawn 2D animation to beautiful effect you don’t see enough these days. (I’m interested to know what agency/studio made it… it looks like illustrator/animator Barry Bruner helped pitch it.

Road Raging Russian Beaten By Furries.

(Really, it’s non-furry mascots – but it makes a good headline.)


Here’s an original premise… from Torsobear.com: torsobear

Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg is a “fluffy noir anthology.” It’s a Kickstarter funded graphic novel featuring twelve interlinked tales of crime in a toy city. Detective Ruxby Bear and his old wooden soldier partner, Officer Hazbrow, have some grizzly murders to solve in the soda rain.

I love the concept. (I’ve seen some related stuff from Bizarro genre giant, Carlton Mellick III, recommended for pulp fans.) I think fan artists, while perfecting lovable drawing skill, often have less ambition with concept. There’s a common question from non-fans: why is your story based on animal-people? Give them a clever reason, and you’ll have something more than hobby fun “just for furries.”


Around Furry Fandom…


“Furs After Dark” con goes on hiatus.

A proposed “adult” oriented con may have raised an eyebrow or three. (I don’t actually know anyone with three eyebrows, but there’s got to be one somewhere in this weird world.) They promoted a can’t-argue-with-it line: “We’re not here to represent the fandom, we’re here to have a blast with our friends!” There are camps and private getaways for gimp-suited BDSM aficionados, but I’m not aware of many formal events for the fluffy kind. Why shouldn’t happy kinksters have their own place? Unfortunately, organizer “Pedigree”, staffer at another con, had to shelve the plan with hopes to restart it for 2016.

Story followup: Mordrude’s Monster Manual

This fursuit builder’s “once-a-decade publishing event” was funded with $10,801, and posted a “Post-Campaign FAQ.”

– EZ Wolf’s “All the Single Furries” music video

San Francisco’s Embarcadero Fursuit Crawl

Around 20 furries (including over a dozen fursuiters) met on an exceptionally pleasant Sunday afternoon. A 2-hour walking tour happened on the embarcadero waterfront and Fisherman’s Wharf. There was tons of interaction with tourists, traffic and locals having a fun day off. A recurring event was proposed, with suggestions including a ferry trip to Sausalito.

Photo album by Casida – and album from Zack. (I’m the pink one!)


Random internet fun…



The Dragon Sex Calendar: revealing a mysterious and hot ritual of the magical creatures.

Available October 1, 2014.  They have a nice web store.

This silly piece of comedy marketing comes from a non-furry but fur-friendly source, so give them a friendly wink and a nod.

Crappy Taxidermy.

The Crappy Taxidermy website has five years of posts and a mainstream book deal. It reminds me of when my partner came home from an antique fair with a purse made from an entire toad. I joked that I would wear it to Folsom Street Fair – and only the toad – as a sole concession to modesty. (The famous BDSM fetish fair is next week and I’ve been invited to go-go dance in fursuit at the official closing party again this year…)

Beware the giant mutant spider dog!