Fox cartoons that make you tingly. Furry Newsdump (10-3-14)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s links, headlines and little bites of news to make your tail wag.  Story tips are always welcome.


In the Media and around Furry Fandom…


berionWhen people become stuffed animals (Wenn Menschen zu Plüschtieren werden)

Furrymedia has the German news article.  It covers Eurofurence, gives a very nice description of what Furries are – and interviews some really cute ones.

Furries! Hack takes you inside the furry community…

“… to find out why people love dressing up as furry animals. Is it a sex thing? A creative outlet? Or, just a way to belong?”  This radio/podcast for young Australians covers their con, FurJam.

The Inspiration For Disney’s Robin Hood Wasn’t Actually Robin Hood

I’m going to pull a scientific guess out of my fluffy butt, and say that this fox is responsible for creating more furries than any other animated movie character.  Let’s go further and say “furries who get tingly for cartoons.” Phwooooar!  (Like 13 year old me, who never got over it.)

Dirty is in the eye of the beholder, so don't hate me for posting this. He's a hot fox... but the paw thing? Man, that's just weird.

Dirty is in the eye of the beholder, so don’t hate me for sharing this. He’s a hot fox, but the paw thing? Man, that’s just weird. By Rrrex.

This i09 article from “An Historian Goes to the Movies” avoids that juicy stuff.  It gets into the interesting history of Disney’s difficulty in adapting a medieval Fox story.

The movie that resulted was an under-loved yet special product for the 1970’s “Dark Ages” of animation.  That was after Disney and Golden Age theater cartoons died, and Hanna Barbera (“The General Motors of Animation”) was the main thing happening.  (I heard that Disney’s animation department only hired like 4 people in that generation, until Bluth and those late 70’s guys came on the scene.)

At Flayrah, Fred Patten shared that he had extensively covered the medieval “Reynard the Fox” source.

I had noticed the story a while back, too.  A book dealer wrote about his 1743 Reynard edition.  “A bloody and immoral tale… for kids?”  – Yeah, well, kids aren’t actually that innocent… count it as a win to see them turn tingly for furries, instead of evil.

ConFuzzled : The World of Tomorrow

Here’s 40 minutes of gorgeous fursuiting video.

One complaint about media representing furries – is the selective focus on the 20% in costumes – ignoring people like writers.  But I wouldn’t force you to watch 40 minutes of my paws pecking at a keyboard.  Interviewing is worthwhile, but “show, don’t tell” is a rule for film storytelling as much as any other kind.  I think the visual appeal is undeniable.  Besides, it seems like this type of video is meant to be more of a low effort memento than a carefully built informative documentary.  The best use I could imagine for it, personally, is background play at a party.