Johnny Depp’s wolf and San FURancisco pics. Furry Newsdump (10-30-14)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s links, headlines and little bites of news to make your tail wag.  Story tips are always welcome.


In the Media


Cons in the news:  Anthropomorphic arts, beautiful beasts, and clever critters at Fur Reality 2014 – (From Furrymedia).  Oklacon covered as “The world’s largest outdoor furry convention“.

Johnny Depp reveals his Wolf – (tip from Higgs Raccoon):

Hi Patch:  Here’s the cover of Entertainment Weekly, showing Johnny Depp’s costume for his role of The Wolf in “Into the Woods”.  Not terribly wolf-like, especially around the face. And this being a Disney production, it looks like they decided not go with the sexual-predator look used in some of the stage productions.



Furry stuff out and about


Local sights of the San Furancisco Bay Area.  Here’s why it attracts the world’s most dense furry population!

Every month, Frolic dance party does a flyer featuring photogenic fursuiters from last month.  I love how the participants are also the stars.


This Bojack Horseman ad mural was put up just in time to oversee the entrance to “Kinkster Christmas” in September- Folsom Street Fair.  Every year, the fair draws countless thousands of people to strut their stuff on streets closed off just for them.  The crowd is wall to wall with look-alike bikers from the Village People, Puppy Players, and people wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a grin.  (And a few furries, too- who really stand out.  My handler remarked: “This is the only place to be like everyone else by wearing a bondage harness.”)


Outside a popular monthly house party fur meet:

(Sent in by San Francisco furry, Fennix:)  The display window of a skate shop in the Mission neighborhood, with sexy catgirl graphics on deck.boards

Speaking of street fairs:  the season for them pretty much ended with Folsom, but they’re a must-do for fursuiting.  (Don’t get the wrong idea from the previous few pics – most are family friendly.)  Long time experienced anthro costumer, Ultra-Gor, has a gallery of pics from a fur meet at the Superhero Street Fair.  He went as caped bovine superhero, Bull-itt.



Random internet fun


Happy Halloween!

Foxes at feeding time at the Kitsune Village in Japan – on facebook.