Fangcon’s Draconis in hospital, Claw & Quill, Watership Down – furry Newsdump (11/18/14)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s links, headlines and little bites of news to make your tail wag.  Story tips are always welcome.


Around Furry Fandom


Fangcon’s Draconis / Calamity Cougar recovering from heart attack suffered shortly after the con.

Shortly before Fangcon, Draconis submitted a tip for my article about it.  It was a shock to hear bad news in short order.  I’m happy to see his positive video response about recovering, performing like a pro and furry all the way.

Claw and Quill: regrouping.

Watts (Chipotle’s) online publication attracted much anticipation from readers seeking smart furry magazine content, but it hasn’t put much material out.  The “long-overdue” second magazine issue has been conspicuously absent.  Now comes good news – a recent update from Watts explains a change from webzine format to WordPress, allowing multiple contributors to add content.  (I’d sure love to see more than the handful of blogs like this.)


In the Media


Furry parody:  “Alpha Chow” infomercial from Adult Swim.

Exclusive chat with the fursuit actor coming soon!

11152877_det“Watership Down: the film that frightened me the most.”

In The Guardian:  “I have dim memories of fleeing from a dark cavern of a Newcastle cinema, desperate for bright air and parental comfort.”

“Criterion to release Watership Down on Blu-Ray/DVD (with new restoration and bonus material) in February”.

Shared courtesy of InkyCrow on Flayrah.

Anthro fox is star of a stop-motion animated music video for “All I’m Saying” by James.

Well, it’s a character in a fox mask, at least (there’s no tail).  The superb stop-motion animation qualifies it for furry news.  James has a fairly well established cult presence since the 1980’s, and is known for a bunch of alternative rock hits in the 1990’s.


Random internet fun


4 Things I Learned While Working At A Doggy Daycare.

On Thought Catalog:  “This is the most amazing, fun, and educational job I’ve ever had. Because I’d spent my entire life around these incredible animals, I thought I knew almost everything there was to know about man’s best friend before I accepted this position—boy, was I wrong.”