Kiwi Tiger lends a paw to help Patch and Fred Patten share furry news.

by Patch O'Furr

Time Crunch!  This month, my posting will be cramped by life commitments – (even internet dogs get those.)

There’s a big backlog of Fred submissions to fill the gaps. Formatting them takes time.  So I sent out a call for help to do something nice and help make stories better.  Kiwi Tiger stepped up to help.

Here’s his delicious bio:

Kiwi might not be the biggest fruit in the bowl, but he sure is one of the best!  Sweet, Tangy, and just the right amount of fur.  Kiwi’s hobbies include preforming shower concerts, binge watching Netflix, and actin’ a foo’.  Kiwi loves meeting new people, so never be afraid to approach and say hi!  The customary approach is to get right in his face and say “What I wouldn’t give for a mouthful of Kiwi!”

We talked about formatting, and he told me:

Lucky for you, I spend a large amount of time at work making spreadsheets and word documents clean so they don’t assault eyeballs!

Thanks Kiwi, for saving our eyeballs. When you see Fred’s articles, thank Kiwi for helping bring them to you.