Austrian TV and Lakeside Furries, Harper’s con story, Awesome Possum – Newsdump (2/25/15)

by Patch O'Furr

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High traffic for $11,575 fursuit story.

Far flung places like German news sites are continuing to give notable high traffic for last week’s story of the record high fursuit price.

Austrian TV covers furries with a good 15 minute news piece.

The TV piece explains what and who furries are.  It joins a dozen or more fursuiters of Austria’s “Lakeside Furries“, and follows them on an outing around town.  It continues to interview an artist and fursuiter, and cover one furry’s fond memory of being caretaker for a lion. (NSFW: Furry porn is briefly shown at around the 10:30 mark – that’s liberated Euro culture!)  It’s subtitled in English.

One of the more interesting reveals of culture was when a fursuiter explained that “conservative villagers” gave him no worries, because they were used to “Perchtenlaufe“.  Those are Tyrolian regional costumed celebrations.  Anthropologists give them ancient pagan roots involving crop fertility.  Were there other pre-christian alpine traditions for ancient furries?  I was instantly reminded of Austria’s incredible-to-see Krampus parades.  Furries of the world: I’d love to hear more about how “furryness” happens particular to where you live.

Harper’s magazine: a visit to a Furry convention.

Titled “Below the Pelt”, By Debra W. Soh – Harper’s reprints a scholarly paper. I found it to be a friendly and accurate, fun and zippy two-page read.  It was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, and covered at Neuroskeptic’s blog.  I spoke to Debra, who told me:

I had such a positive experience at Furnal Equinox, I really wanted to share it to challenge some of the misnomers that exist about the fandom.

San Francisco’s Pink Saturday street party canceled.

The article pictures me in fursuit.  The party coincided with the million-attended, nationally televised Pride celebration. For a few years, it’s been a popular street fair outing for some Bay Area Furries. It has long history, and it’s sad to lose one of the best events of the area’s incredible street fair season.  However, there are plans to bring back the Furry float for the 2015 Pride parade. In 2014, it revived it’s presence not seen since 2004.

Jake Warga added to Pro Furry photographers article.

Five pro photographers advancing the art of furry documentary covered the best I could find with pro publication.  I missed one: Jake Warga, covered on Wired.


Fun and fandom


Reminds me of every con.

How to pay for a fursuit.

7vOrCXe4580,000 views for amazing Rocket Raccoon cosplay.

More here.

There is a religion for Gadget Hackwrench from the Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.

A reader sent this old, but crazy story:  Russian Cult Worships Female Cartoon Character.

Must-hug fursuiter of the week: Cali Coyote.10993080_10103023244625365_4257590591991378105_n