Frolic’s Menagerie: “the most furry place in the universe” gears up for a new party.

by Patch O'Furr

neonThat’s a grandiose title I gave for a mere dance party.  But give a little credit to the hard working Neonbunny. Or a lot…

Frolic, the party he started in 2010, is fairly called “the original” (for North America, anyways.) It’s inspired an entire movement.  The post-2010 “Furclub” thing is rising with a full-fledged subculture.  Furries aren’t just hosting cons for each other- they’re independently forging a new night life scene, in partnership with adventurous venues.  

Now the original is trying something else. What’s new?

The venue (it’s just a couple of frisky leaps and bounds down the street) – and the attire: “fursuits, leather, harnesses, leashes, kigurmis, rubber, zentai, onesies, body paint, latex, and more.”  OK… like usual, but more so.  You can’t go wrong with that!


“A collaborative event between Frolic and the SF K9 Unit.  Dress a little different than usual.  If you have a fursuit, consider accessorizing it.  Huskies wear your harnesses, foxes wear your undies, skunks wear your skirts.  Leather, zentai, kigarumi, cub gear, rubber, latex, neoprene, leashes, harnesses, bondage gear, chains…  The venue has 2 full bars and 2 full rooms of different music, which we plan to fill with some of our favorite djs such as NeonBunny, Gehno Aviance, Lycan Catt, Raid Zero, Blue, Ryo Shep, and Cohn Jonner.  And yes, we have a great space for fusuiters to change at.”

Neonbunny tells me:

“Why we wanted to do it: We’ve long noticed that there are many furs that are into accessorizing what their fursuits wear. Whether it’s a wet suit, collars and leashes, harnesses, or even shorts or costumes, fursuiters occasionally enjoy accessorizing. We also notice that furries are big fans of costuming in general, and costuming doesn’t always mean just wearing a fursuit. Sometimes it’s wearing some of those accessory items without a fursuit.  We also know that Frolic not only caters to furries, but we have alot of others from other scenes who come up to Frolic because they are curious about furries, like to costume, and enjoy the animal costume theme of Frolic.

With all of these factors… we were talking one day with Brue from the SF K9 unit (a group that throws events for people interested in human puppy role play, which has a huge crossover with furry and we have many who come to Frolic often.)  The conversation was about a weekend long event called Woof Camp. It’s on Easter Weekend.  With many out here, Easter is a big party weekend, and there’s a lot of fun events in SF that weekend.  Woof Camp is an event for the K9 unit that weekend, but all of their events were for the day.  We were both saying we wished Frolic was that weekend so they could all just come there on Saturday night.

At the same time, we had been talking about doing an event at F8.  I have DJ’d a few events there.  They love throwing off the wall events, with groups associated with Burning Man, gay events, leather events.  It’s a great venue, a block from the Stud.  It’s maybe a little bit larger on the inside, with 2 areas to have different music (but no outside chill area like the Stud), 2 bars, and a super friendly and supportive staff.  (And yes, they know what we’re about, they’ve been familiar with Frolic for a while now.)

We thought this would be a great opportunity to throw a party. Fursuiters are more than welcome and encouraged to come. All those who will occasionally accessorize their fursuits with gear, or enjoy wearing gear without fursuits. Or other off the wall costumes they’ll occasionally wear. We’re hoping instead of staggering it like they do with going to Frolic, everyone will wear all their gear to this one event.”


To clear up any misconceptions… it’s NOT a sex party. Gear is to show off and admire, not more.  The venue is a regular nightclub and that would be illegal.  But you know it’s going to be an amazing party – so bring a leash if you want to bring a puppy home.

More from Neonbunny this month –

NEIGHhem at BABScon – Friday April 3rd, 9pm-1am.  Hyatt Regency, SFO, Burlingame. All Ages.

“What is NEIGHhem you might ask?  NEIGHhem is the nightly concert featured at the West Coast’s newest and greatest MLP convention.  MLP?  My Little Pony!  Even if you arn’t into the show, it’s great to see so many talented artists and musicians come together to create content based around a single thing.  Sure, we wish everyone would create nothing but themed content about bunnies, but why not about a cartoon that is very skillfully put together?

NeonBunny has been writing songs just for this for the last few months, so don’t except the usual music from him. You’ll here all original mixes and mashups, made from, you guessed it, MLP!

The convention runs all weekend, but Friday night for the concert, NeonBunny will be joined by a wide variety of musicians, from live rock and metal bands, to folk musicians, and other electronic artists.”

Under Construction at Powerhouse – San Francisco, Sunday April 5th 8pm-midnight.

“Come end the weekend with a chill night of some good deep house grooves with NeonBunny and Gehno Aviance at the Powerhouse for Under Construction.  $4 cover, free with puppy gear.”