Interview in Splitsider, and CollegeHumor’s message. Last day to vote for the Ursa Majors!

by Patch O'Furr

splitsider-logoLast week I interviewed Furry Force writer Adam Conover.  The story was covered by Sydney Parker, writing for comedy industry magazine Splitsider. They interviewed me – but I didn’t tell them to call me a “popular furry blogger!”  (Is that like being a cool trekkie gardener – an amazing ren-fair knitter – or a fabulous metalhead stamp-collector?)

How the Furry Community Embraced CollegeHumor’s Furry-Lampooning ‘Furry Force’.


CollegeHumor followed up with a message:  “Thanks so much for your support and for the great post/interview with Adam!”  They shared a video to encourage you to vote for Furry Force to get an Ursa Major:

Vote here… all votes must be in by April 15.


(If my shameless championing of gross animation doesn’t make you tuck tail and run – vote for Dogpatch Press, too!)

A writer for Bojack Horseman made my tail wag.

Higgs Raccoon from Furrymedia sent me a nice compliment for interviewing people outside of furry fandom.  Is there anyone else I should bug for a chat?

Smiley Guy Studios (animators for Furry Force) sent responses to my Q&A.  Those will post with sneak peek art later, when they’re ready to share.

I liked one part of the interview with Sydney that didn’t make it into the Splitsider article.  She asked if anyone would cosplay Furry Force.  I said that furries usually favored original characters… but imagine seeing Victor Vivisector at a con.  “Call security!”

They have further reading about the business that made Furry Force possible:  The Economics of Internet Comedy Videos.