Does your fursona have a phone? Google has free, personal furry numbers for you.

by Patch O'Furr


(Hugs: Aggrobadger)

Want to set up a fur meet, or check out a new friend you found there?   But are you worried about stranger danger, or crank calls full of murrs and panting?

Give them a furry number.  If you have a google account (and your paws can dial phones), you can get a new number within minutes that rings through to your regular phone.  It’s useful for all kinds of reasons, including protecting your fursona with a memorable personal code.

Google buys blocks of available numbers to use.  Once one is picked, it’s no longer available.  If you see a good one, grab it!  Sorry, the best one ever is mine, and it’s secret!  But while I was looking, I found a few other tasty ones to share for you:

  • maxresdefault315-MAY-WOOF
  • 918-YIP-WOOF
  • 70-SAD-HUSKY
  • 61-WOOF-HUGZ
  • 61-WOOF-LADY

There’s a lot of numbers with FURRY in them.  You can find ones with PAWS and more. Try species like TIGER or WOLF or DRAGON. I checked 61-WOOF numbers up to 61-WOOF-5719. (There’s a lot more.)

Search tip:  In the middle of Google Voice signup, you can put in words or numbers to see a list of what’s available.  Search parts of the results you like at  It can help you find extra words to match and get 246-HOT-YIFF or whatever.  Then you too can find the coolest number to call your fursona, and purr or bark with your friends.