Furries get best seat in the house for MC Crumbsnatcher’s toilet rap.

by Patch O'Furr

Nerdcore rap and furries: it’s a match made in the demented mind of MC Crumbsnatcher, a guy who taught me a thing or two about how to rock out and be silly.  That’s what I did for his disgustingly catchy song, “Boy I Don’t Think It’s Sleazy (Cuz We’re In a Bathroom).”  The new video is fourth in the ultra-gay, only-from-San-Francisco series that you definitely shouldn’t watch if you’re easily offended.

Fursuiters included Neonbunny, and me as a blinged-out Husky, complete with gold grill.  Todd wore the toiletsona suit.  (Shhh, don’t tell… at 3:09, I got caught drinking from the bowl. Bad dog!)  This video finally lets Crumby marry his penguin boyfriend.  Is that a tear in my eye… or just backsplash?

See these while you can!  The series will soon be taken down and re-posted without skits, so you don’t have to fast forward. The DVD will have the extras.  (UPDATE: the videos are now in place without skits.)

PART 1 – Let’s Get to Humpin. I suited for Crumby’s first walk on the Furry side back in 2012: “San Francisco rapper MC Crumbsnatcher’s furry music video.”

PART 2 – Why the Boys All Love Me.  For the “S&M gay bar in hell” sequel, I had a gas mask and toilet seat on my head… seemed like a good idea at the time?!  “Controverisal SF rapper plans nightmarish gay goth animal S&M music video” – and – “New MC Crumbsnatcher rap video gathers many subcultures.”

PART 3 – The Homewrecker’s Anthem. Puppets, dancing mushrooms, cute boys in tails, and a caterpillar with 10 boobs.

MC Crumbsnatcher’s fearless plunge into subcultures lets him say he had furry friends, before minor celebrity trending like Andrew WK’s.  Getting ripped off by Ke$ha seems kind of shitty, but pop culture has to get fertilized from somewhere, doesn’t it?

A final thought to flush this down… To quote Corbeau on Furstarter, San Francisco is one of the beating hearts of the fandom, where the WTF side is strong.  Apologism won’t hold it back.  You can keep reservations and not show your parents, but still like the way it pushes limits for a rising subculture. Push it!