Furry fan struggling for life after Taiwan explosion that injured 500. (Update)

by Patch O'Furr

Art by Alex

Art by Alex

Here’s an update to the tragic story from 6/29/15, that comes with a GoFundMe appeal for help.

Alex H. is known to furry friends as a fandom artist. To everyone else, he was the only American caught in a special effects accident at a festival in Taiwan. 500 were injured, over 200 in critical condition, and at least two have since died from burns. Hospitals and the community in Taiwan are working hard to care for the overload of victims.

Alex suffered burns to 90% of his body. His family has appealed to the public for medical funding help, receiving a large amount of the original $75,000 request in a short time. But the difficult challenge of accessing care among all the other victims have caused them to raise an urgent request for $200,000, so they can fly him back for local care in the USA.

Kofu, one of the first sources I read, tells me more:

About Alex, I don’t really know him until this accident (his FA is Alendre.)

On Saturday 6/27 another furry event took place in Taiwan, and a few Taiwanese furs asked if Alex would like to participate, he wanted to but ended up going to the water park party/music festival instead. The furs then saw there was an explosion accident on the news – (in case you haven’t had a chance to read about the news it’s here) and tried to contact Alex but with no luck. They later confirmed from the news that he was also caught in the accident.

Woody (@Woodymutt), Xanie (@xanie) and a few of friends on this side of the world heard, and started to share the story and gofundme page on Twitter.

I was from Taiwan and currently reading news from both countries. Taiwan isn’t a bad place and instead of enjoying the good side of the country, he is suffering because of it… I am just terribly sorry for him and hope to help too. Spreading the word on twitter was one of the ways I guess.

A mainstream news report from July 1 about Alex: NH man fighting for life after Taiwan explosion.

A Facebook page was also created for people to share positive thoughts, including a “give back” event scheduled for July 7 at the Chili’s restaurant on Amherst Street in Nashua, where Haas used to work.  Friends plan to hang some of his artwork at Bradley University, where Haas attended college, in a show of support.

More updates beyond furry interest: Second person dies from injuries suffered in Taiwan water park fireball.

A footnote: Obviously, it would be wonderful to help all 500 victims at once, but one cause in one small social group can’t do that.  Taiwan’s community is stepping up to help it’s own, and it’s not bad if furries send some help to a lone American victim who may share a little something in common with them.  Helping one is better than helping none, and his family will probably welcome all they can get.