NEWSDUMP: Stolen Fursuit – Secret Furry Patrons – many media mentions (9/13/16)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Tips:

Oreo Wolf’s stolen fursuit makes news in Nevada.

KTNV must have been happy to get 200 retweets. How often does that happen for a video clip about a mere $2600 theft, less than a garden variety car accident? Some things are more important than money. And that’s how the station got to share a little of what the furry community is about. Next time a news anchor thinks about laughing at our misfortune, this could help them to understand.

Fandom is big enough to have a few “Stolen Fursuit Alerts” a year. It’s one thing to retweet, but what works best is for locals to search on the street. That’s how Zarafa’s stolen fursuit was recovered in San Francisco. Here’s hoping for good luck for Oreo wolf.

The Secret Furry Patrons Keeping Indie Artists Afloat.

NYMag gives a thoughtful look at the devotion that makes furry fandom thrive. A community that has benefited others as much as received unfair negativity.

NYMag writer Brian Feldman writes:

“there is still at least one online community that treats artists with respect and pays fair prices for original work — one community that artists can rely on when editors, publishers, and social networks make it more and more difficult to get paid. When it comes to commissioning original works of art, nobody can match the furries.”

The article compares the good support with mentions of the frustrating, disappointing tendency for artists to be paid in “exposure”. On Twitter, @forexposure_txt is a widely followed comedy account that shared a furry’s experience with that.

Funny that the article makes no mention of porn and adult commissions – surely a prominent reason for all of this goodwill.  Even if incomplete, it deserved a lot of praise for making important points (which the community itself is well aware of, but can be unfairly neglected elsewhere.)

Colin Spacetwinks was a furry source – take a look at his history project, “Everyone’s A Furry 2K16.”

60 Second Docs – Furry

Here’s a new Youtube channel putting out high-quality videos, as the title describes.  Of 18 videos posted at the time I saw this, the Furry one was 4th most viewed. (The top one: I’m a Sugar Baby.)

International Business Times – Eurofurence photo gallery. Thousands of people in cartoon animal costumes attend Europe’s largest furry convention.

SeattleMet – Gene Armstrong Dispels Myths About Furries. People dismiss them as sex fetishists, but furry fandom is a diverse, worldwide phenomenon.”

Waldolf Ursine in Teddy Bear Times. England’s collector magazine mentions fursuiter.

Adultsmart blog: What Is A Furry? A standard introduction, decent but nothing new.

Fursuit on CNN. (Looks like Merlot.)



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