Culturally Foxed

by Arrkay

Culturally F’d has had foxes on the brain as of late! This week we look at foxes in general for a foxy fifty fifth episode!

[The opening alliteration, captured in one take. Alliteration is always awesome.]

Fortunate for us that this fiery furred friend, furiously flounces his feast. This fuzzy fauna frolics forever in flowery fields, foliage of forests and foggy fjords. Featuring fundamental features, flaunting flawless fur. A Fabulous and fair fiery facade, feral or frocked. For from fables of our forbearers and forefathers fabricate a fabulous family fable for future friends. Famous familiar facsimiles frequented for furries.

Furry Fans foresee facts on facilitating fox fornication. Forsake that fodder for a Freudian farce forthwith. The firmament of fame fizzles for a formidable fuss. Forsooth fasten your facetious flabbergasting and facilitate a more fantastical fiasco featuring a frenetic frenzy for fiendish fantasy fey. Unfurling foreshadowing, fluent in frisky flailing. Don’t fret on this frivolous filibuster. Fantastic fluffy feisty ferocious furry foxes are Culturally F’d.

Malwave of Griffcast was our patreon sponsor in the thumbnail, which is how a griffon made it into an episode on Foxes. We’re offering YCH slots on all future thumbnails, and have already featured several patrons.

This episode was on the “to-do” list for a long time. Kitsune have such a rich mythology and there’s so much still left unexplored! It was also lot’s of fun learning about the European Reynard the Fox cycle and how foxes have changed language around the world.

Here’s that chart I made dissecting the theories on the etymology of the word “Ki Tsu Ne” based on this list of different scholars’ theories.

Ki (Yellow) Tsune (Always)
Tsu (Possessive) Ne (As in “Neko” for “Cat”)
Ki (Stench) Ne (As in “Inu” for “Dog)
Ki (Came) Tsu (Perfective Aspect) Ne (Bedroom) (Based on Legend)
Kitsu (Onomatopoeia: fox bark) Ne (Honorific for Inari Shrine Servants)
Ne (Affectionate Mood)


But before the Fox Episode, we talked Star Fox Fanon with guest writer Tempe O’Kun and Underbite demanded to host this episode on one of our favourite Nintendo franchises:

So the metal leg theory is bust just like Krystal isn’t very Busty. But we can confirm that Wolf O’Donnel is in fact a leather daddy, so we can at least have that.

The episode talks a lot about fan remix culture, how we take our favourite elements or rumours and build on them to make our own cannon. Building on this, Underbite spent a lot of time carefully crafting the amazing Star Wars/Star Fox mashup poster so we decided to finish it and sell prints of it. Check out our official web store to get some posters or some shirts.

A clash of classic space operas in this epic fighter pilot adventure mash-up. Pilot the R-Wing into the Deathstar to stop Darth Andross from blowing up Cornerialderan!


“Fox Wars” merch at now on sale!

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