How low can they go? Altfurry is grooming kids to retaliate against critics.

by Patch O'Furr

Last week was a very bad week to be a nazi furry. (Every week is bad for that, but this one was exceptional). Call them the Incel ISIS, or just a bunch of trolls, but the week kept bringing reminders that the furry fandom is past the limit of tolerance for their hate. There was a wave of critical attention:

  • Newsweek published a deep look at the racist alt-right origins of alt-furry.
  • Dogpatch Press posted an expose by a mole inside the Furry Raiders, and their hate group activity led former members to repudiate it.
  • @Deotasdevil posted an essay about neo-nazis recruiting in nerd groups. It reached far outside of fandom, including 41,000 watchers of Sonicfox5000.
  • More evidence was found in a video from Casey Hoerth/”Len Gilbert”, an altfurry recruiter/bottom-feeder. He soon regretted his words in the video and tried to bury it with a whack-a-mole game of DMCA claims. His rare moment of candor was too revealing about their private narrative.

All that indefensible stuff didn’t stop them from making a sideshow of deflection and backlash. It started with Len/Casey’s attempt to bury the video. Now they’re pushing forward with hope to raise even more aggression at critics. Altfurry is more like a NEET gang than a street gang, but there’s something deeply creepy about the plans. Read on to see how they’re grooming kids for an anti-SJW jihad, and how the kids even call themselves “weaponized”.

It’s a small piece of a bigger issue.

Briefly: in Hollywood, a wave of sex abuse revelations is reaching people who were too powerful for accountability before. It extends to politics, including the career of Roy Moore, the Alabama politician who is being investigated as a child predator.

As backlash, the Washington Post was targeted by a right-wing hoax group. A false claimant about Moore was sent to them as an attempt to get in the news, and instigate embarrassment and undermine critical reporting.  But investigation by the Post caught the hoaxers red-handed. They failed to stage fake news.

It ties into the way Altfurry and Furry Raiders members are following the example of the hoaxers, with predictably poor judgement.   They hope to trash critics with similar manipulation tactics.  You can see them below. Solution: with an informed community, it will fail just as hard.

Altfurry backlash includes sexual exploitation of kids.

Get informed about this ugliness, but don’t be surprised – it’s nothing new. Go back to summer 2017 with activity by Altfurry Discord, Len/Casey’s group. Moles exposed logs of thousands of pages of the group chat (download in the link.) The chat logs demonstrate the racist intentions seen in Casey’s video, and plans for trolling against targets from critics to cons. You know it shows what they’re really like, because the planning happened before they were exposed, and members assumed their candid chat was confidential with each other.

Member Siggy was planning backlash against Dogpatch Press. What Siggy posted indicates he may be a minor.  In the screenshots, the profile is left unredacted because 1) it’s not a real name 2) those who associate with Siggy need to know this is real.  It implicates them for being in a chat where Altfurry allowed planning for child sexual exploitation on behalf of their group. (Luckily their lousy judgement extends to picking a target who wouldn’t go for such goofy entrapment, but they didn’t even care about someone considering being bait.) Complicity could have been avoided by moderating at the first post – but apparently they approve:

Doubling down to project guilt at targets.

Let’s return to November 2017. On Twitter, I posted about the Furry Raiders recruiting an apparent middle schooler.  A screenshot of the member list happened to include them and one other member. That member then demanded to be removed from the post.  He explained that he isn’t a real nazi, he was only there to advertise a different hate group and really hates everyone.

Proof of being a nasty troll meant no results for the demand. So the Furry Raider member doubled down. (They just don’t know when to quit and cut their losses.) He took the screenshot posted about the middle schooler, and photoshopped my pic in place of his own to claim that “Dogpatch is a nazifur”. (The term for that is projection.)

Next he dug up a 2014 photo of myself and a controversial furry who I didn’t know when it was taken.  He’s active at events and cons as a staffer under power of organizers to handle. (What I had to say about it was previously posted in this article about a fandom problem.) The photo was manipulated to imply that the controversy somehow included me. When it was reported, Twitter and Facebook judged it was harassment and limited the troll’s accounts.

The fake screenshot with my fabulous face photoshopped in.

They lie in public but know the truth in private. Tip: Vappyflame

We know they’re full of shit. Sometimes they figure it out too.

Altfurries will continue to retaliate but suck at it.

This post can help respond to future harassment, manipulation, and faked instigation. Were you targeted by nazis like many who were left out of the story to avoid overexposure? Anyone can link this article to show what’s really going on.

The evidence here is already part of law enforcement cases. Other altfurry activity may not be shared to avoid interfering with investigation. If you or someone you know is aware of illegal activity by or in these groups, you can provide the FBI with an anonymous tip. Or get in touch for off-record discussion of how to keep yourself safe for getting out of the group or sharing important info about it.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Altfurry blocklist. Every new member adds distance between them and their targets, plus every time a nazi cries about being blocked, someone else gets a hug. Look out for each other and keep showing them the door.

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