Taxes, travels and getting weird with Big Nazo Lab

by Patch O'Furr

Whee, it’s tax season! You know what they say about death and taxes. Even dogs can’t avoid ’em. As you may (not) know, I run a business and have an awfully big job to sort a few million bones worth of transactions. (This update is getting written in a bank lobby while waiting to pull records, multitasking fur the win). Shortly after that I’m leaving on vacation. It’s been a while… furry news may be weird and irregular for a bit.

It leads me to mention the fun of dealing with the IRS. Speaking in canine, if we rank government employees, these ones are tastier than those super-chaseable mail carriers (those are too spicy with their pepper spray). It’s fun to talk to the IRS about furry business, like about how deducting the cost of a service dog includes yourself, or just about writing off con expenses. And if you pass an audit, they may even call you a good boy and find extra refunds for you. These civil servants aren’t as monstrous as pop culture says.

Speaking of monsters… I can’t wait to travel to the same town as this amazing lab I just discovered, Big Nazo. They grow mutant creatures. Hopefully they’ll let a stray dog in to sniff around and maybe write about it.

That’s a high quality video worth featuring for the rubber chicken. But I also have to link this lower quality video because DO YOU SEE what happens in the first 2 seconds? I searched dozens of videos but couldn’t find it again. Was it a spontaneous mutation that came and went once, like a shooting star? What an aesthetic (and design wise, I love how they hide the form of the humans they absorbed.) These intergalactic creatures are doing wild improvising, like when I praise street fursuiting for being my favorite furry thing. Except more so. (Please artists, with all the cute fursuits out there, try ugly-cute and mutated looks too!)

Big Nazo has monster bunny slippers and I’m in love with everything about this.

After visiting their planet, I’ll be kicking it in New Orleans. Hopefully, this time there will be less ralphing out the side of a taxi (that’s rare for me, but if you’re going to do it, that’s the place to do it.) Check out this previous article about it:

If you visit New Orleans, see the anthropomorphic sculptures at Mardi Gras World. (Mardi Gras World has many aircraft-hangar sized production spaces for building parade floats, like a tamer, big-budget, streamlined version of the wild, warty stuff the Big Nazo mutants are doing.)

Maybe I’ll find time on the plane for writing. In the article queue: responses to media inquiry from a new con in New Zealand, and from the ALS Association team who were close friends and advocates for Dogbomb and 200 other families. There’s always a huge list of other projects waiting as well.

These short, sweet tweets sum up a good reason to do it:

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