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Arrest of Lee Miller (Foxler) brings a call for witnesses to come forward.

by Patch O'Furr

Report tips to Detective Steve Bishop, Denver Police Department Sex Crimes Unit, 720-913-6903 

In April 2019, Lee Miller, a Colorado man who goes by “Foxler” in the furry fandom, was arrested for enticement of a child. Sources in the legal proceedings think other potential victims may be out there and want to talk to them. (Sex crime charges have protected info, but this site was asked for help and verified a need to share.) Please help if you can bring them forward.

Miller’s Wikifur profile gives an introduction to his history in fandom. In 2017, Dogpatch Press broke news about activity by his Furry Raiders group that went up to coverage in Rolling Stone and Newsweek. (Deeper details are in these loose notes that are being organized by a publisher’s request.)

Miller’s 2019 arrest was for an offense in 2015, before there was public dispute about him. It took time for police to investigate, but the reason was first reported to them as part of research for Aristide’s 2017 Dogpatch Press article.

Publicity wasn’t welcomed by some who prefer a “don’t feed the trolls” approach, but problems can rise from being ignored. The proof is in the pudding. Charges for a 2015 offense come after years of Foxler’s supporters denying the issues and making him their “free speech” cause célèbre. Some only rejected him in late 2018 because he leaked their inside member chat. (They used it for organizing to undermine the fandom until it went public).

Charges haven’t yet led to conviction, but the case is firm enough to proceed to entering a plea. Miller’s arraignment is set for 6/24/19. Sex offender registry is at stake, and assuming there’s no deal for penalties, a trial will be scheduled and he’ll have his day in court.

This isn’t just rehashing for another Beware (the site is reducing that activity now.) The broad issue is known, but important parts are still unrecognized. There is suspicion that other victims aren’t known because when offenders are caught, statistics suggest that the first victim isn’t alone.

Reasons for potential silence until now may include grooming to keep quiet, organized-crime-like activity to get others to do dirty work (see above tweet), proximity and fear of retaliation or violence (Miller’s associates have been banned from Twitter for threats), and internet anonymity to evade charges.

To those who may not have come forward, this site (and the fandom in general) have your back. You can even reach me at to get confidential referral to counselors or other professionals before making any kind of formal report on record.

If you have information, please send tips to Detective Steve Bishop, Denver Police Department Sex Crimes Unit, 720-913-6903. 

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5 Responses to “Arrest of Lee Miller (Foxler) brings a call for witnesses to come forward.”

  1. […] the founder of the Furry Raiders was arrested in April 2019 for sex offending on a date that lines up with RMFC […]

  2. Saint Sheepy says:

    Hate to reply to an old topic, but this Valentine’s Day, two charges of sexually assaulting a child got added to Foxler. I can’t wait until this absolute scumbag and literal spawn of Satan ends up in prison, he’s not going to last a week.

  3. Sabix P. Arman (Chris) says:

    Honestly, I am surprised that sex offending was the charge. With him being the leader of a socialist fandom (I was a member for 3 years and left because threats of violence got really high), there was a lot of hate speech and threats of violence. There were several instances in which threats of a mass shooting at RMFC became almost uncertain. The charges should have been more than sex offending.

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