2020 Good Furry Award nominees announced, open for more submissions

by Patch O'Furr

The Good Furry Award is for furries (or groups of furries) who have shown themselves to be good citizens of the furry community and deserve recognition.  It debuted in 2019 on the Ask Papabear advice column website, and Tony “Dogbomb” Barrett won. Check the tag for more about it.

Winners get $500 and a trophy. Three Honorable Mentions also get trophies. Nominations can be sent until May 31, 2020. After that, the furry community gets to vote, with winners announced in June 2020.

Below are the furries who have been nominated so far for the 2020 Good Furry Award.

You can nominate people through the end of May 2020 from this form.​

As shared by submitters:

Furry Weekly

Furry Weekly is a long-running magazine on Furry Amino that has been running for nearly 3 years. They highlight all kinds of people in the community, including dancers, musicians, artist, writers, and more.

They are a nonprofit organization, and they haven’t been paid 1 cent for all their hard work. A little award to promote these amazing people will surely be an amazing thing for them.

Aleshka Alejandra

Note: This furry was nominated last year and, since she was a runner-up, is eligible to win this year. She has been nominated four times for the 2020 award. Below is what the nominators have written:

  • She is always so kind to everybody, she helps her friends who are in need, including me. And she makes everyone’s day brighter! 🙂
  • My girlfriend was going through a really rough patch. She was really upset, in the middle of a move. This person, Aleshka, was there from the beginning. As far as I know, she doesn’t do cons, but she is incredibly amazing and kind. I highly recommend her being a nominee.
  • She has helped me through hard times, the hardest, when she could have walked away from me. She could have left me but she didn’t. She has been there, this is the least I could do to prove have much I appreciate her. She is a really good, kind-hearted person, and I respect her for her hard work.
  • ​She has come a long way and worked very hard. She tries so hard and is very kind to those she works with. She doesn’t get to attend cons or, but she among one of the most amazing people I know. I recommend her again, she is an amazing person! I wish people of the world could see it too.

Danny Palic

Danny Palic (Thabo Meerkat ) has a YouTube video series called “Digging Up Positivity” about the good news and good stuff going on in the furry fandom. He also helps with charities in his home country, the Netherlands. His fursuit is a Pawsome & Cute Meerkat.

Missti Mystical

This fursuiter has helped a lot to the younger furs in hosting Giveaways both on TikTok and Instagram, as well as being there for when (not just young furs) people are in need of a friend or a shoulder to cry on when hate gets to them.

Personally, she has helped me get through when the phase of dino masks was receiving a lot of hate.

Overall, she is super nice and makes sure that budding furs don’t get overwhelmed by GateKeepers or elitists’ style of furries.

Dakota Labato

​Dakota is not afraid to admit that he is a furry and never afraid to help others. He does what he feels best to help other furries find the passion. He is never afraid to mention his own problems and once stopped another furry from committing suicide.​

2019 award, prize donated to charity

Dawn Willow

They’re a good furry because they do a wonderful job representing the fandom to the outside world. She commissions gorgeous artwork to support artists, puts on shows for everyone, and keeps it up with a smile and beauty. She’s raised beautiful puppies, and if you watched her while they were little, she made huge personal sacrifices to ensure they were safe and well kept.

Muscle Wolf

He was one of a group who sponsored my first furcon trip, as well as gifting some of my first pictures before I could afford commissions. He and his partner, Dineegla, also host furs for MWFF each year who can’t afford a hotel room. He’s been a wonderful friend and would do a lot for everyone if he wins.

​Arvada Tail Heads

(Note: this is a nomination for a group instead of an individual)
​The heads of Arvada Tails have created and maintained a welcoming and safe monthly hangout for furs of all sorts, as well as organizing additional fun events throughout the year. Arvada Tails has grown to roughly the size of a mini-con with its popularity, and even local non-furs feel free to join in at times. With constant vigilance, a positive attitude and indomitable spirit, the heads have helped a tight-knit community to flourish.

Vivian Reyna

I can’t really explain, But she is very motivated and made everyone cry because of it, a motivational furry speaker, I really know she can win this reward, if you give her a chance. I know it’s not based off art and fursuit, but if you were to give her a chance, that would be awesome. Papabear please if you know about all the hate in the world about furries you would give my friend a chance. I”m not saying that I’m nominating her because she is a good friend. I’m nominating her because I believe in her and I believe her motivational speaking can change the world a lot. ​

Majira Strawberry

He has helped raise funds for charity. He also has made contributions to the furry community by creating furry content on YouTube.

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