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Q&A with Kazul of Kazplay, first place winner for cosplay at Blizzcon.

by Patch O'Furr

Kazul G. Fox on Twitter – on WikifurOther social media links

Congrats on the win, Kazul! Who is Hogger, and how did the concept happen?

Hogger is an NPC from the World of Warcraft. He is the first elite mob that human characters encounter in Southern Elwynn Forest. Hogger has the reputation for being particularly dangerous and deadly because new players aren’t expecting him to be so strong. I chose this character because the unique body shape offered a good challenge, it was my goal to make this a very animated, highly mobile costume so that I could put on a good performance. I documented my process using #WantedHogger so people could catch up and see my progress quickly, anyone who stumbled upon one WIP, could quickly get caught up on the story of what was going on. I also have a few youtube videos that go into depth about the whole concept, design and build. I have plenty more footage and more parts to cover, more videos will be coming very soon.

Youtube channel: Kazplay Videos

I started building in April 2017, through some life challenges and an across the state move I was able to finish and attend Blizzcon 2017 and take first place in the costume contest.

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CUTE FURRY BUTTS WANTED for a hard hitting report on the fandom’s best assets.

by Patch O'Furr

2017 sucks. The news is like a dumpster fire.  The best escape is the gentle, fun-loving furry fandom.  But even here, meanies are coming to ruin things. So how do we make it better? I have the answer. Something to neutralize negativity and bring back what’s important. Something made of pure happiness and smiles. Something I can always get behind. Cans. Behinds. Butts.

Cute and colorful butts. Plush, squeezable butts. Fluffy butts with perky tails. Butts to inspect close up and say hello to. Butts to tickle and cuddle and use for a pillow. Butts I want to save on my phone for later. Naughty butts to grind on while dancing. Swaggy, waggy butts. Butts shoved in my face four at a time until they make stars in my eyes. Shiny prize winning butts. The best kind ever invented, with the fanciest of fantasy art and fursuits.

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Furry animation contest deadline; WordPress theme experiment.

by Patch O'Furr

Animation news via Higgs Raccoon of Furrymedia:


Hiya Patch,

Here’s something for you to report in the Dogpatch Press. Kinda time-critical, though.

There’s a company called Saban Brands, which is running a competition for animated shorts. The judging is by public voting, but there’s only a day-and-a-bit left (I only just happened upon it.)

Website here:

The shorts include a few with anthro critters.(“Late to Work!” with the raccoon is nice, but “Hijacked” with the furry pirate crews is my favourite.)

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Design contest winner Spalding made an awesome new Dogpatch Press banner.

by Patch O'Furr

Spalding does adorable furry art.  Check his Furaffinity Gallery.  A few weeks back, he answered my call for a banner artist.  Spalding says:

“It was an honor to make a banner for Patch’s furry news site. I love drawing canids, so this was a fun project!”

Thanks Spalding, for showing off the awesome talent of the furry fan community!  As thanks, he’s getting a $40 payment, and this $40 art-of book:

“Art of Animal Character Design” book debut at San Diego Comic Con.