Charlottesville marcher Andrew Dodson linked to furry fandom and neo-nazi organizing.

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s a followup to previous coverage of the tiny alt-right fringe of furry fandom (Altfurry).  See: 1) Altfurry supports neo-nazi violence, with member Nathan Gate on camera in Charlottesville. And 2) Furries resist hate, Altfurry Discord logs go public, Casey Hoerth removed by employers. Hate isn’t being welcomed, and this is the third furry name in a headline about it here. There are more to come.

Andrew Dodson in Charlottesville, August 11-12

It turns out that a well circulated photo from the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” hate rally is of a known furry.  Andrew Dodson is (or used to be) a furry going by the names GoldenZoltan and Flukepup. This is his former FA page. (archive) More on that below. First let’s look at how he came to be pictured.

The photo circulated with the events in this story: Arkansas-linked Charlottesville marcher identified, apologizes to those misidentified.

In a telephone interview with the Arkansas Times, Dodson apologized for the trouble he caused the state and, specifically, an Engineering professor at the University of Arkansas who was misidentified as the person carrying a torch at a march last Friday night. The professor became the target of social media vitriol.

In the article, Dodson explains that he went to Charlottesville because he wanted to “see who these alt-right people were.” He denies being “a Nazi, or a KKK, or a white supremacist.” The story depicts him as pleading innocence.

But it reports “Dodson lost his job, he said, because of participation in the rally.” That explains why the denial is a dubious about-face. Read his white supremacist remarks in this prior article in The Atlantic, by Daniel Lombroso:

White nationalists who gathered for the Unite the Right rally blame those who turned out to stop them. They’re “damn communists,” says Andrew Dodson, a 33-year-old inventor who calls himself a “racial realist” and says he is fighting to save white America.

Charlottesville is now the epicenter of the struggle for white America, Dodson told me. And just because Saturday’s violence seemed to have been contained, the alt-right will continue to “give them hell” in the city.

“This is a phenomenal victory,” he said.

“Our ideas are so powerful, that the cops have to break the law and use violence against us to shut us down,” he said in a text message after our initial conversation. “This shows just what an unbelievable threat we are to the system.”

Andrew Dodson sounds like a pretty radicalized believer, wouldn’t you say?

If you aren’t sure, watch this video I found from August 11 in Charlottesville. At the Confederate statue at the center of the hate rally, students chant “Black Lives Matter” while they are swarmed, violently beaten, and driven away. At 0:33, Dodson leaps on the statue’s pedestal and raises a torch like he’s won a game. At 1:22, the crowd chants “White Lives Matter” while Dodson hugs a bro who throws a Nazi salute. Beside them is a flag of the Vanguard America hate group.  

The person who shared the video, Emily G, reports: “Damn I got punched a lot – I can see where I was when I got maced, too.”

So how does one journey from furry fandom to neo-nazi hate? 

Is it just random chance?  Let’s start with his Flukepup page on FurAffinity. His photo posted there (archive) has 9-year-old comments by his friend Naskatan, AKA “Kekkus of Akkad” or “Kekus Lupus”.  That’s the altfurry whose behavior after the Charlottesville rally got his twitter account banned.  Kekkus mocked the murder of Heather Heyer (his post was seen in the Flayrah article “‘Alt-Furry’ suffers blowback after Alt-Right rally leads to death of citizen”.)

It’s one hint about hate festering for a long time.  Let’s look at many more.

Andrew’s account was banned from Furaffinity. That doesn’t make it clear if he is still active in the fandom.  According to tips I received, he moved from Arkansas to New England after the time it was active.

In Arkansas, Andrew was in a relationship with a fursuit maker named White Wolf, maker of FurAffinity’s mascot. (In the 3rd commission on this page you’ll see in the tags where she used Andrew’s real name.)  When they broke up she reported that he physically abused her and stole from her, as described in her post on Livejournal. She obtained an order of protection because of his abusive behavior.

This info is supported by tips from two more furries who visually identified his Charlottesville photo: one who used to live in Arkansas at the time, and this one who posted the photo with a public comment:

Ambien is White Wolf’s ex-husband. He shared details about Andrew:

I knew him fairly well, he dated my ex and she complained about him all the time. I kinda considered him a casual friend before that. When the restraining order was filed against him in late 2009, that was the end of me speaking to him.

He went by the name “goldenzoltan”. I think he still has a LiveJournal. He was partially responsible for one of the big FA password leaks sometime around 2006(?). He’s dated men and women in the fandom.

Andrew is, at best as I can describe, a sociopath. I’d say he has some limited ability to feel empathy, but NO impulse control. I spoke up about it on Twitter and contacted the reporter that interviewed him at the Atlantic because the facade that Drew maintains is completely fake. He’s really good at getting people to trust him, and that makes him dangerous.

I sent questions and Ambien continued:

1) I had to force Andrew out of my house in 2009 because he wouldn’t stop ranting about how much he hated cops and a bunch of crazy conspiracy theory shit. I brought that up at the order of protection trial.

2) I don’t have any details about the leak from FA, I don’t know how he acquired the passwords, he’s an electrical engineering major but not really the coding type… if I remember correctly.

3) I’ve been told that he attends conventions, I was informed about a year ago about him attending Furpocalypse. He lives in or near Boston, last I heard.

4) There are dangerous people in the fandom and they can appear to be your friend. Andrew has sort of a frat boy kind of thing going on. Fun at parties until he poisons someone with nightshade tea or sexually assaults someone (both are things that have actually occurred).

Let’s dig more. Here’s an old photobucket account for Goldenzoltan that has pics of a young skinny Andrew, furry costuming, and a racist meme.

In 2010, he asked to be removed from his Wikifur page. He was listed as a member of Livejournal trolling group Gayfaggotinc around 2005.  The bottom of this Wikifur page says he was involved with hacking of Furaffinity that released a lot of passwords around then:

LJ user Golden Zoltan was banned from LJ for cross-posting said passwords. He was the one FA shit a brick about, if I’m not mistaken. – Leam, March 2007

An archive of his banned Livejournal from 2005 confirms connections; his real name, school, and furry friends.

In 2006, Nitrogen the Cat posted to Livejournal about rooming with GoldenZoltan at Anthrocon. (I wonder if Nitrogen ever got his $115 back?)

Comments on the post show the banned Goldenzoltan Livejournal account was replaced by Andrew’s new one, dog0fwar.  Here’s dog0fwar posting about being banned from the Nazi Furs community. Andrew’s LJ account was active until 2014, and the ID links him to a lot more than trolling.

Organizing with other neo-nazis.

Googling “dog0fwar” gets a hit for the neo-nazi website that was taken down in the aftermath of the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville.

Here’s a comment by dog0fwar on the Livejournal of Weev, notorious neo-nazi hacker.

Andrew mentions his professional work in nuclear energy – and hanging out with Weev, who is now the system administrator for The Daily Stormer.

Google has Daily Stormer comments by dog0fwar. Andrew jokes about the murder here, and invites nazis to hang out with him in Dorchester MA in July 2017.  And here, he helped plan alt-right marching in Boston in May 2017, including discussing violence. It starts under “Evidently, someone from 8Chan attended a pre-planning meeting by the leftist’s, and recorded, took notes of their strategy” … “Funny thing is I played innocent and they just let me stay in the meeting and take notes.”

Notice skype ID and meeting Sam Hyde (who funded Daily Stormer’s legal defense.) The Skype ID is verifiably Andrew’s (1)(2).  Here’s a different comment with it asking to meet Sam Hyde in Boston.

I guess it was a lie when Andrew said he was in Charlottesville to “see who these alt-right people were”. I hope this leaves no doubt about the real Andrew Dodson – and hints about who altfurry is friends with, and how incompatible they are with the furry community.

Imagine if a smart guy who works with nuclear power had taken the positive fork in the road, and was planning conventions and fursuit parades instead of hate marches. That’s you in the fandom.

One of the furries who sent tips gave a final thought:

I mainly share this since none of us are sure if he’s still active in the fandom, due to the possibility that he could have fully changed identities in the fandom after the move to New England. So we really would like to know if he’s still in our midst or not so others can be made aware.

UPDATE 9/2/17:


Personal stories about knowing Goldenzoltan came in, and readers made repeated comparison to Foxler of the Furry Raiders joining a neo-nazi group and saying “I just wanted to see what they were about.”

For insight on Andrew’s service to the alt-right, check out this article about general alt-right activity, labeled “how white supremacists talk to each other when they think no one’s watching.” It matches tactics you can see in the altfurry Discord dumps:

  • They obscure their most racist elements from public view, but won’t repudiate it internally.
  • They provoke reaction to depict opponents as aggressors.

These tactics are in Andrew’s planning for alt-right marching in Boston in May 2017, when he said “DO NOT STRIKE FIRST. BUT, IF YOU’RE HIT, FINISH THE FIGHT WITH YOUR FRIENDS.” You can see it in practice with the video of people surrounded with torches and beaten until the man speaking to the camera says: “they’re attacking us!”

Andrew’s current twitter:

UPDATE 11/9/17:

Message received from Andrew:

“I think she has blocked me. I have to make this right.

Can you please post this on your website (minus contact info of course). I am going to die if I can’t tell people I am sorry.

I have hurt and/or run away from everyone who ever tried to rescue me from myself. It took a long time for me to process all the stuff that happened to me as a kid, and I literally couldn’t fully empathize consciously with other people because I couldn’t see past my own bullshit. I was ashamed of being attracted to guys and in a way tried to use you to cure me of my malfunctions. I did feel love I swear I felt love but I was missing pieces that connect the heart to the brain. I think I told you about why I thought I was so fucked in the head, but just everything I have been through in the past month has brought back this flood of memories and I cant stop crying please have mecy.

You are a beautiful loving woman and you tried to help me. I feel guilt all the time and if you could somehow have mercy on me and give me some closure, it would mean the world to me. I tried to write you a letter that made sense but I probably wasn’t thinking straight at the time, and I did want to apologize when I saw you in conneticutt, but maybe I didn’t say things the right way. Please God Diana if I could hear you say you forgive me I want that like water

I have love rabies and I want it like im dying but I gag on it when I try and drink from peoples souls. Its so bad I have really emotionally scarred people.What I did to you I proceeded to do to 3 other women. I would start to have my heart open up and it freaked me and I would go to church and would get all serious about not living in fornication and made up all this bullshit in my head about what is the image of some kind of family or role I was supposed to be playing but I couldn’t see you were already the perfect fucking person. I am so happy you do have a husband and Justin got married too. He tried to save me first and I wasn’t all there as a human the drugs just made my fear go away so I could interact with people.

I have destroyed my life because I couldn’t deal with my bullshit. I felt so guilty and I wanted to do something good to prove to the world that I wasn’t an evil person. I really was doing this nuclear thing and I have destroyed it because I would keep trying to latch onto causes because I can’t make friends like normal people. I read the comments on that dogpatch article and like a lot of that shit is true but some of it isin’t. I wasn’t trying to poison other people I was trying to kill myself me and rukus had our nightshade doses but I think they made him puke his up and koogs took my bottle before I could finish it. God called on the phone in the room and we took it apart to find out what he wanted us to do and I saw that we were missing pieces and I thought I had died. I was gonna be a spirit and I teleported between the shadows taking down a list of the pieces that other people were missing and I went up to nothingkat and dragoneer and I wanted to go to the walmart in heaven to get peoples pieces. I think they were really scared of me because of how fucked up I was on those drugs and how I was growling at people and staring at them with huge pupils. Maybe people thought it was funny I could never really express myself or what was inside me all I could do was shitpost and harass people online.

I want to apologize to everyone I scared or bullied, and if you could help somehow it would mean the world to me. I only called other people fags because thats what everyone called me and I just didn’t understand how to make real lasting friends or talk to people normally. Finding you back in 2002 and being able to drink with people at a party for the first time and getting group hugs and not being outcast was just so overwhelming for me. I promise I wasn’t consciously trying to rape you just was just out of my head drunk as a dog.

When I came and talked to you after going to that church, I swear I wasn’t trying to dump you for someone else. How the fuck am I going to find someone more beautiful than you were. I really had convinced myself that we could be celibate for a while and then get engaged. I thought I was cured and when you said what you did to me I went right back down the spiral into the dark. I went downstairs and grabbed a knife I didnt know why if it was for me or you. I am horrified by what I tried to do to you in response to that. You always have good advice. I have smoked away the last decade of my life since you trying to deal with this shit. I will never forget how people tried to help. Im such a fucking idiot If I could have done anything that you told me to do I would have been better. I loved growing hornworms on my fucked tomato plants for your beardie. It would have been amazing to have a life with you full of fun animals and I could have been healed and not had to run away from all the fandom and the people who were my only friends.

I have always lied to my parents about everything but I love them but I compulsively lie. Back when I was 10 I was at springmaid mountain summer camp and the councilors told everyone in my bunk we were going to have a big penis contest and they took us out one by one and my friend Reid went first, he has tried to kill himself too and is an alcoholic now. He was like my first friends but we didnt talk again after that. When it was my turn I went outside and they got me big for my first time and they said I won and I didn’t want the prize and got away and ran back inside the cabin and tried to push into the wall. They were yelling at me to stop crying and were throwing things at me and then they gave a can of bugspray to a kid and told him to spray me. He reached around my head and sprayed me in the eyes and it burned so bad and they grabbed me and I thought I was going to die and I tried to fight and they drug me back outside and put me under the hose and after a while I could see a little. They brought the kid out that they told to spray me and they said that it was his fault because they just said to spray it AT me and not in my eyes and I had to hit him to take revenge so I sorta made a fist and touched his stomach with it but I couldnt hit him really. I wanted to go home so bad but they told the head councilor that I had just gotten bugsprayed in the eyes on accident, so he called my dad and told him that I had been accidentally sprayed and then he handed me the phone and I told my dad I was scared and he said it would be ok its just bug spray but I said no dad I am scared and he said you will be ok son be strong I love you and then he hung up and I lost the ability to talk to them in any kind of real way. Getting maced at the protest thing in charlottesville gave me flashbacks and its been two months of ghosts in my mind I have to find freedom. I realize I always hated babyfurs because I identified it with that stuff, and it was part of the accusations I threw around at people.

Please God I hope I am not blocked. Please read this. I tried to reach out to Justin but it hurts him too much to talk to me. Please talk to me Im not gonna try and latch on to you I just need you to know this. I am afraid of loving other people because of how I am I need to be put down. I am a bad dog and I bite and run away from the people that try to love me.”

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