San Francisco rapper MC Crumbsnatcher’s furry music video

by Patch O'Furr

Flayrah news, 9/2/12

As a club-goer most likely to get down to goth/industrial/EBM, I’m not qualified to say much about hip hop/rap. However, I know that MC Crumbsnatcher is a secret goth too, and that’s my fursuited ass he’s humping at 4:00 in the video, so let’s do this.

The San Francisco Bay area hosts many subculture scenes. They bring people together who often stay separate in less busy places. MC Crumbsnatcher’s ties might be tagged as spoken word/slam poetry, indie rap, electro, Nerdcore and Homocore. His Facebook page also lists Poo Joke Teller, ruiner of childhoods, and being a trained psychic. Let’s add Furry to the list.

Content warning: Video contains super dirty words and sexy dancing.

I was introduced to MC Crumbsnatcher when he and his buddy Wonder Dave helped put on a “plushie/furry” themed drag show at a small bar. Out of curiosity, I went in my husky fursuit, with low expectations for something not truly rooted in the scene that goes through the Bay Area Furry List. I was delighted to be brought on stage by an announcer in a Halloween gorilla costume, for a few special barks and a gorilla grope. Wonder Dave turned out to be good buddies with my dear departed old roommate (who was a show promoter and member of Slam Poetry International when we lived together.)

Crumbsnatcher’s backup dancers were a donkey and a penguin in cheap mainstream Halloween costumes, helping him tell a story about a love affair with a penguin. They weren’t exactly capital-f Furry, but it was a start. His fun show made him a cool guy in my book. One of his next shows was for the release of his first album, for a few hundred furries at Frolic, San Francisco’s monthly furry club night.

When he put out a message asking for music video help, support was enthusiastic. Smash Wolf offered video services from Smashwolf Productions. I hooked him up with Wardrobe from Jovino Bunny, whose company Bunnywarez offers locally hand sewn animal jammies. Other performers included NeonBunny, promoter of Frolic. We all crammed a tiny apartment with 35-40 dancers. Although a lot of costumes came from whatever was available, the video is made with legit Furries.

Authenticity is a common theme for rap music. So are feuds about it. A short few weeks before the video was released, rapper Kreayshawn put out her own video that rips off furries, using what looks like cheap Wal-Mart type costumes. Crumbsnatcher’s response: “We’re coming for you, bitch!”

(“Furry” content starts around 1:30.)

Kreayshawn is known for her 2011 song Gucci Gucci, that earned viral internet success. The Wikipedia article about her says:

“Gucci Gucci”, according to Kreayshawn, is a song coaxing people to wear their own styles and not succumbing to being a “basic bitch”.

She’s also known for throwing insults at veteran rappers for being “fake”. I don’t know a lot about rap, but using fake furries brings to mind Urban Dictionary’s definition for fronting.

My furry butt belongs to MC Crumbsnatcher, and I call Kreayshawn full of fluff. Here’s hoping we see a legendary throw-down between them, to see who truly rules the San Francisco Bay Area’s indie furry rap scene.