Andrew W.K. to join panel at Brony convention; let’s discuss furry con guests

by Patch O'Furr

Flayrah news: 9/8/12

Bronies: are they furry? Skipping that topic, let me just say this makes me like Andrew W.K.:

The unruly, boisterous rocker will be part of a panel answering the question, “What Would Pinkie Pie Do?”… The king of partying hard claims that he is the living embodiment of the positive, party pony.

In this interview, the rocker known for a bloody-nosed image discusses why he’s a Brony, his love for cupcakes, and ponies with “nice, fragrant hair.”

I feel that furry conventions have done well with literary guests, but they could try to get better or more notable musical guests. Indie pop band Foster the People was at Califur 2011, shortly before “Pumped Up Kicks” blew up commercially. (I was told they played a show, but this tweet indicates the show was a rumor, unless the band was being cagey. Can anyone confirm?)

Just checked into a hotel in irvine and realized they’re having a “furry” fetish convention. Peeps in animal costumes.

This isn’t meant to slight the talented guests who go to furry cons, but I’ve only noticed a few DJ’s who suit my personal taste there, and no bands. I can’t tell if anyone’s tried to get any well known ones. (Of course, it isn’t fair to compare Bronies vs. Furries. One is anchored by a mass media property, but the other is a grassroots fandom that’s left untamed.)

This leads me to repeat a complaint I had after attending Califur 2012. Inadequate attention was given to Tom Sito, President-Emeritus of the world’s largest animator trade union, and listed by Animation Magazine as one of the “100 Most Important People in Animation.” His Califur panel was mentioned on a blog or forum somewhere, but not on the main website. (I totally would have gone to see him, if I’d known he was there.)

I’d like to know…

  • Do you feel that furries could do more to bring famous, notable, or professional participants?
  • How do you think that could affect media exploitation that some furries dislike?
  • If you could pick one famous person to reveal they’re part of furry fandom, who would it be?
  • Or is the niche for furries better left as a casual thing among friends and fans?