2014 How Weird Street Faire furmeet in San Francisco

by Patch O'Furr

ABC News gave a shout to furries at the 2014 How Weird Street Faire. On May 4, thousands of costumers filled the streets for the 15th annual event. 43 furries RSVP’ed, and fursuiters had changing space in walking distance, thanks to generous member Boiler. (Send her love during misfortune that happened to her family recently.) The previous 2013 How Weird furmeet gave us wonderful photos. This year, I edited them to video, and they’re also in this album.

IT’S NOT ON PURPOSE there’s so much with me in it! You’re all super fabulous… I asked everyone to send what they had, and used every single bit I could find anywhere.

Fursuiters: Zarafa, Cassie, Boiler, Cali Coyote, Patch, Meerk, Samoy, Ress, Sarge, Harley… support and photos from Ashke, Animosulo, Spark Note, Kai, Mike Folf, Mallius, Vert, Scoob, Ducky, and more I missed.

Sources (sorry there’s too many to properly credit, but let me know to be added!)

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