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Coming this #FursuitFriday: Animal-costume history that goes way beyond furries!

by Arrkay

Guest post by Arrkay from Culturally F’d, the furry youtube channel. See their tag on Dogpatch Press for more.

Get a load of this sneak peak for this weeks long-awaited Culturally F’d Miniseries. Inspired by a series of articles right here on Dogpatch.Press, Fursuiting: A History is an expedition straight into the uncanny valley.

This multi-part miniseries will look at animal-costume history from the basics of the mask, theatrical outfits, Hollywood rubber-suits, fandom cosplay, and our very own fuzzy army of unique performers. Stay tuned this #FursuitFriday for the first installment of our 2018 series – and make sure to subscribe to Culturally F’d on YouTube to catch new videos as they come.

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TAILWHIPPED dance party invites furries on 12/6/14. Cosmo Coyote talks event producing.

by Patch O'Furr

Furclubbing:  “A repeat/regular nightclub event by furries for furries.”  See the list of parties at The Furclub survey.  Here’s a new one:


DJ Cohn Jonner shares info below.  Talk with organizer Cosmo Coyote follows. 

Hello everyone! I’d like to tell you all about an 18 and up event I’m performing at hosted by Cosmo Coyote on December 6 in Galt, CA, called TAILWHIPPED!


Are you a party animal or party monster? Ever wanted to dress as your favorite fictional creature, monster, furry animal cartoon or video game character? well this is the party for you. get those ears, onesies, tails, paws, fluffies, fursuits, or terrifying monster costumes/cosplay out and get ready to rumble it out on the dance floor at Tail Whipped! who will be the victorious this round? The furry animals or monsters? who will be TAILWHIPPED? Muahahaha!

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2014 How Weird Street Faire furmeet in San Francisco

by Patch O'Furr

ABC News gave a shout to furries at the 2014 How Weird Street Faire. On May 4, thousands of costumers filled the streets for the 15th annual event. 43 furries RSVP’ed, and fursuiters had changing space in walking distance, thanks to generous member Boiler. (Send her love during misfortune that happened to her family recently.) The previous 2013 How Weird furmeet gave us wonderful photos. This year, I edited them to video, and they’re also in this album.

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Did Ke$ha rip off the Furry video of this indie rapper?

by Patch O'Furr

In 2012, I helped MC Crumbsnatcher and crew from San Francisco’s local art scene make his Furry music video for his song, Let’s Get to Humpin’. I’m the Husky fursuit dancer, and I hooked up some of the background dancers with Bunnywarez costumes on a shoestring budget. (Paying a costume maker in strings isn’t easy, let me tell you.)

Crumbsnatcher met Ke$ha, and gave her some of his work. A few months later, her own “Furry” video was released… and Crumbsnatcher claims it’s suspiciously influenced by his work. At the 3:40 mark, you get a minute of comparison. This is NSFW for dirty gay lyrics and sexy dancing.

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College Humor’s Furry Superheroes Get Even Grosser

by Patch O'Furr

Yay! There’s a sequel to the hilarious animated series, Furry Force! Furry Superheroes Get Even Grosser:

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Short documentary: ‘Being Furry in a Non-Furry World’

by Patch O'Furr

(Flayrah news: 5/12/2012)

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