Fursuiting movie confirmed for oscar nomination – SF Furry Film Fest news

by Patch O'Furr

FINSTERWORLD crossed my radar several days ago. (See my enthusiastic review to learn about fursuiting in the movie.) Their official news confirms it as German nominee for best foreign film at the Oscars.

This is making me excited to propose a Furry Film Festival! MORE COMMENTS WANTED.

Nice comments are coming in to my post about it. Reader suggestions for festival programming include:

  • A Werewolf program
  • Furry characters in TV ads
  • Fursuit TV (perhaps the Funday Pawpet Show, or others that have fursuiter appearances)

I’ve emailed some lists seeking more comment – mentioning I could throw down 4 figures in funding, I’ve organized a film fest, and I have communication with some feature film directors.

I’d start by securing a venue and a marquee-worthy feature (keeping FINSTERWORLD on top of list – it’s fresh). Curating shorts would follow – and adding a fursuit dance stage show. (You don’t get that from home screens- live events are a draw, right?)

Then it would be up to a lot of volunteer work: Logistics, curating, PR, design and printing, etc… ideally, a volunteer willing to step up to curate a shorts program would get my commitment (best if it brings professional background.)

DO YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS on the best time to throw this event in the SF Bay Area?