Update on DAWGTOWN, 2D animated feature film in production

by Patch O'Furr

DAWGTOWN is a rare breed in indie movies: a hand-drawn, 2D animated project – with as much promising talent as ambition backing it.

Director Justin Murphy gave me an interview about it’s use of anthropomorphic animals, and voices by George Foreman. (Part one, part two.)

Since then, DAWGTOWN has shared a new website, and spirited character designs for Athena (love interest of movie protagonist Max, a pit bull forced to fight for freedom in the cruel dog-fighting underground.)

Many animation fans would like a return to this style of movie making. Few have ability to tackle the challenge. Justin’s project impressed me with belief that it will succeed, like no such movie I’ve seen since 2010’s oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells.

Here’s photos of voice recording with George Foreman. I’m excited to see what comes next – please support the movie and follow it here.