Interview series: Movie directors, animators, artists, event builders, superfans, and more.

by Patch O'Furr

Creators and Doers make a subculture thrive. Whether they build it from grassroots – or feed it from outside with stuff that furries like – they have valuable words to say.  I didn’t plan to build a collection of interviews – it grew naturally from one. It will get updated often.  Let’s start with a great top example:

Michel Gagne is one of the giants of the animation world. You may have seen his work on movies for Don Bluth, Warner, Pixar, and more. He was Guest of Honor at Anthrocon 2004. In 2012, Kickstarter backers pledged $57,875 towards his own animated movie, The Saga of Rex. The result was a 4:00 teaser video, released in 2013 as progress towards producing the Rex movie.  What’s he up to since then?


Media Personalities


Legendary punk singer from the Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra.

Sonicfox, the leading pro gamer.

Margaret Cho, comedian and asian-american LGBT activist.


Media Makers



Q&A with master animator Michel Gagne – director of THE SAGA OF REX.

3841546-swat_kats-750x400The creator of SWAT KATS reached out to Furry fans to revive the loved 1990’s animated series.

Q&A with director of the animated movie DAWGTOWN  – George Foreman announced for cast.

Talking with the directors of College Humor’s FURRY FORCE.

An interview with the casting V.P. for MTV’s TRUE LIFE.

Between THE CROW and DARK CITY, movie maker Alex Proyas had a lost project, revealed (2)

ALPHA CHOW: Adult Swim’s furry parody infomercial – comments from the fursuit actor.

FURSONAS: Chat with director of award winning documentary.Fursonas_Glasses

Furries work on big blockbuster movies.

MY LITTLE PONY and it’s culture with journalist Sherilyn Connelly.





Q&A with Biohazard, artist of the infamous “Too Hot for PBS” auction video.biohazard

Scale’s paintings push limits of furry art, with surprising mainstream crossover.

Furry Fashion – Creators and looks

Jib Kodi, 2D animator and huge fandom influence on Twitter.

Adler the Eagle, Youtuber and animator.

Explore “The Depths” adult furry webcomic – interview with the creators.

LyricWulf and his music.


Costume Making and Performing



Robert Hill, Disney mascot performer and groundbreaker.

Renegade fursuiting is BEST fursuiting: chat with Sakura Fox.

A once-a-decade publishing event: MORDRUDE’S MONSTER MANUAL, for fursuit builders.

totes5lgChat with Strypes, performer and organizer for Edmonton Oil Kings hockey fursuiting events.

Cornbread Wolf – the cutest freelance mascot.

Blizzcon’s Cosplay contest was won by a furry.


Convention and Event Organizing



San Francisco’s Frolic party – interview with Neonbunny.FrolicFlier

kageUncle Kage, CEO of Anthrocon, talks about the con’s amazing achievements.

One Town, Two Cons: convention organizers speak about growth and competition.

Kijani Lion talks about the biggest bowling event in the fandom.


Subculture and Society


Improving the Furry Art Marketplace

downloadDr. Tibbals on Furries, sex and sociology.

IMVU speaks about their acquisition of Furaffinity.  Part of a series about commercialization.