Mordrude’s Monster Manual hits funding goal, and aims higher.

by Patch O'Furr

What’s that I hear… a bunch of furries celebrating? Mordrude’s Monster Manual hit it’s goal this week.

Learn more in my previous story – A once-a-decade publishing event, for fursuit builders.

Why celebrate yet another crowdfunding plug? As my article mentioned, there aren’t a lot of permanent resources to promote the art of making fursuits. That gap has stayed open for a long time. There’s still only one formally published book: Critter Costuming. The subject is just so specialized, that it isn’t economical to publish to a fan market that’s small – but fiercely devoted. That devotion is what Mordrude brings. It’s a labor of love to publish a reference of low commercial value – but high, long-lasting benefit to suit-makers and their fans.

I agree with her description: it’s “a documentary book that will inspire costume builders for many years to come.”

Chance to pitch in ends on Friday, September 5. Here’s what Mordrude offers those who help now:

My first stretch goal is $10,000USD. Reaching that funding level, I can acquire Arduino units and servos so my husband can begin learning how to put his robotics and programming knowledge to work in the form of animatronics! I can also buy a 3D printer so I can custom fabricate parts for many, many applications. I will also use some of these stretch goal funds to build a vacuum table and vacuum chamber, to allow me to mold and fabricate an even wider variety of things! To provide content in return for this added investment from the community, I will make a suite of video tutorials.