Biebsuits, fursuits and videos. Furry Newsdump (10-15-14)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s links, headlines and little bites of news to make your tail wag.  Story tips are always welcome.


Around Furry Fandom


Fursuit auction reaches $8,025.

The “Lavender Corgi” is meant to resemble singer Justin Bieber.  At the price, the buyer could have bought a complete boy band.  Too bad they didn’t have enough to get the real singer skinned and sewn into a Biebsuit.  (For the ultimate fan!)  There’s an idea for a trashy horror comedy movie- call it “Fursploitation?”

My son is “furry”–got a problem with that?

A blogger writes a lovely piece about her son.  In the followup, she’s happy that it’s her most popular article.

Eurofurence 2014 – “Larger Than Life” music video.  (Speaking of boy bands…)


Rika Fox Pawzer in Furry: A Documentary.

Behold the power of fursuits.


New websites for fursuit maker Cabbits Co, and Ottawa Furries.

Cabbits Co is an underrated maker with great work and fast service (I’m a proud wearer!)  Ottawa Furries are building online presence.


In the Media…


Adult furry artists noticed by Vice magazine.


Cute/evil cartoon critters in Fiat commercial.

“Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” Animated Series Test Footage – First look at Rocket Raccoon in action!


Random internet fun…


Meet the “Wag Brigade” at San Francisco International Airport.

News from  Last time I was there, I spent a crappy night doing upside down yoga by the elevator.  Some people were entertained by my sparkle sneakers. It would have been lovely to see these cute friends sniffing around.

On December 3 SFO launched a new program, titled “Wag Brigade,” to bring trained dogs to the terminals to make passenger travel more enjoyable. The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) will bring dogs certified through their Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Program to roam the terminals.

English Bulldog Puppy Has Temper Tantrum Over New Sweater. 

Don’t you hate when a cute thing upstages your $8025 Justin Bieber Fursuit?