Creators of furry fetish party “Wild Things” explain “human sized cat box”.

by Patch O'Furr

citadelLet’s be clear:  Furry is an art and fiction thing, not a sex thing.  It’s always been a sensitive topic.  In the earliest days of organized furry conventions, many felt that they were derailed by advertising in bad places.  Media exploitation and nasty “hit pieces” deepened resentments. Without forgetting this background, sex is a topic that can’t be dismissed.

Adult activity is one optional ingredient in a wide open collection of interests.  Some furries prefer clean activity only.  Some prefer adult.  Many express both interests as part of life, in the right times and places.

Such personal interests don’t represent everyone, but they have value.  Adult activities pushed limits to open new freedoms and rights.  They’ve led advances that built the internet and alternative communities.

In San Francisco, some furry fans recognized a demand for adult-friendly space.  An opportunity was caused by overflowing crowds at night life events, that don’t host adult activities. More opportunity came from an invite to join forces with a venue that does.  The Citadel is a BDSM “dungeon” club, with a supportive community of 1000+ members.  It invites other communities including leather and petplay together for this event.

These sparks grew into the first “Wild Things” party, scheduled for November 8, 2014.

Private parties happen among friends – but as far as I know, there’s never been a bold open-invite event promoted like this.  The San Francisco Bay Area has a huge population of geeks and sex-positive subculture, making it more likely to work here than anywhere else.  It’s caused attention and rumors among furries, bystanders and others.  I reached out to “Wild Things” organizer Catarina to get the real scoop.

About Wild Things


Patch:  Is Wild Things really going to have a “human sized cat box?”  Is the party going to fill a bathtub with kitty litter and add it to the bathroom facilities?

Catarina:  That’s such a funny rumor.  Of course not- do people think we have that many briefcases of cash to bribe the health department?

That’s actually an old urban legend started by trolls.  It’s floated around for years.  Never happened. But the true part is, at our party, you can enjoy a slice of my Cat Box Cake.  It’s a traditional family recipe I used to love when I was a kitten. It’s made from wholesome cake mix, decorated with tootsie rolls, and served from a safe new box bought for the party.  It comes with an allergy warning for people who can’t tolerate delicious desserts or humor.  By the way, we have nothing to do with scat – those guys meet Mondays at DNA Lounge.



Patch:  Is this party going to have “murrsuits” – furry costumes modified with extra equipment down there? 

Catarina:  Yes, and we want anyone who has one to come.  We want tigers with big balls and hot foxes with tits.  We want talented people who put effort into fashion and high end custom stuff. You can be over the top or tasteful, but whatever your style, you won’t find any better occasion for it.  You get $10 off at the door for coming in animal themed costume.  There’s a contest.  We know most furries don’t do this, but we’re here for special ones who do.  Don’t come just to gawk either.  This is for cool people.

Patch:  Is Wild Things just an orgy?

Catarina:   No, it’s an art and performance event for adults.  We want anyone from shy to experienced, as long as they’re cool.  We want to provoke and entertain beyond what anyone has done before.  We’re creating a space for limitless expression, based on the principles of Burning Man.  We will only limit harassment.  People can safely cuddle.  If people want to express themselves by having sex, we’ll project all kinds of art to get them in the mood.  The Citadel is stuffed with a huge amount of amazing equipment.  Bad Dragon, maker of fantasy dildos and toys, is giving out swag.  Their fans will bring toys to use.

Patch:  What kind of toys?

Catarina:  Dragon dicks and much more.  It’s best to visit their website to see, because I don’t think you can even imagine how wild that shit is without a visual.  They aren’t easy to get either, because they’re custom made and there’s such high demand.

Patch:  Are you worried about haters?

Catarina:  No, we welcome them to come treat us like bad, naughty dogs who deserve to get swatted with newspapers.

Patch:  That’s kind of hot.

Catarina:  We’re completely shameless about making this as hot and dirty as it can possibly be.  We’re real and indie too, community supported, charging reasonably to cover the costs to start.  It’s not taking advantage.  We don’t want to mess up anyone else’s family friendly activities, but it’s not our fault that prudes exist.  We’ll happily take a lot of risks to make the world a more kinky place than it was before this existed.  When the porn business really got started in the 60’s, it helped break through limits to usher in a lot of other rights.  Gay rights were pushed by fearless activists on the fringes, ones who weren’t just tame and respectable.  In a small way, we would love our outrageous party to help others be less timid in the world.