Fangcon brings peace, love and music with a Woodstock theme, on November 6-10, 2014

by Patch O'Furr


FANGCON is “the only anthropomorphic convention located within the state of Tennessee”.  Draconis submitted an exciting notice about their third annual event, happening this weekend.

Personally, if I wasn’t hosting a paw-print furry Twister game myself this weekend… I’d make like a Husky and pounce on their “largest Fursuit Twister Mat the fandom has ever seen.”  Psst… Twister’s slogan is “The Game That Ties You Up in Knots.”  Teehee.   


Hey to all of our Furry Friends:


Fangcon, the Knoxville, TN Fur con is preparing for it’s third year and for Furstock. A celebration of the 1960’s musical festival of that era, Woodstock. A large musical event. In line with that we will be having perform NIIC the Singing Dog, Rhubarb the Bear, Husky in Denial.. Now both NIIC and Husky will be releasing new music at Fangcon. NIIC will debuting his “Instinct” album and Husky his “Kay” album. And A Dozen Dead Furs, a band. We will also have a Radio play performance of Jeff Goode’s Fursona Non Grata! There will be the most widely seen variety show in the fandom, The Furry Drama Show also! One of the hottest performances in the fandom is Ozo! He is a fire juggler! His skills will amaze you with his nightly shows!! We will also be hosting the Furry Drama Show, Don’t forget that! Maybe you should. But really if you have an act, or can perform we need to see you on stage. We have a special video that was not shown in the Disney Movie, The Lion King. We have gotten permission from the animator who made this tribute video and will be showing that along with one of his other works.

Our list of our beautiful people is impressive! Our GoH’s include Furry Oasis! They have the most rocking of room parties. They bring more fun to any con! Our Fursuit GoH is none other then Pacerfox! He will share his knowledge of mascots and fursuit fun also. There is another fun fursuiter, Ipequey. His name is up in lights also for his fursuit knowledge and his being a Beer Guru! Our artist GoH is none other then TN’s special artist Galaxy Owls.

We are keeping the nights hot with our list of hot DJ’s there is DJ Charlie, DJ Dadius, DJ Wulfus, and also DJ DaSilva.

We also have plans to warm you up on Thursday with Laser Tag with the fursuiters, at Laserquest nearby and on Monday in addition to suiting around
Knoxville we will be doing a Fursuit Bowling on Monday night late. So you can ease yourself and not get the Post Con Depression!!!

Are you a fursuiter? We are creating the largest Fursuit Twister Mat the fandom has ever seen. It is Large!!!! We are ready to host a slew of fursuit games that will keep you busy!! There is more going on so check out the website for Fangcon, and make some plans to come on down – November 6th to the 10th.

– Draconis