Zootopia, ethics, fabulous Tony the Tiger, Andrew WK’s furry interview – Newsdump (11-11-14)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s links, headlines and little bites of news to make your tail wag.  Story tips are always welcome.


In the Media…


Disney’s upcoming animated anthro feature, Zootopia, gets March 2016 release date.

It sounds so promising – it could be the new “furriest movie ever.”  And there’s a tidbit about another feature, “Moana.”

Alkenta at Fangcon.

Alkenta at Fangcon.

Fangcon news: “‘Furry’ frenzy in West Knoxville through Sunday”.

I spy Alkenta Wildcat (who recently left the SF Bay Area for school,) and NIIC the Singing Dog in the slideshow from Fangcon last weekend in Tennessee.

Winnipeggers adopt ‘fursonas’ that become their second skin.

A positive article with good quotes.  “Fur fandom is still very young. It hasn’t hit the mainstream level of Comic Con has enjoyed for a while. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a bad thing. If it stays the same, I don’t think anybody would mind.”

The weird news story you won’t hear because Ethics.

National news and social media recently circulated a minor “weird news” story.  It was about a random low-level crime.  The perpetrator was the weird element.  In a plot twist you’ll only hear from a furry source, the incident targeted an innocent furry who did nothing wrong… but that detail was omitted from every story, while the non-furry was considered weird.  I asked for permission to link the story without names, because it seemed relevant to media attitudes.  The request was turned down to let the story die.  The issue appears to be settled, and I can only comment that the furry deserves a big hug.

Fabulous anthro Tony tiger ruffles fur of anti-gays.

It was always obvious.   Kellogg’s “Global Head of Diversity” released a statement about the ad, in the article.


Lead to Fire: Anthro game due for release “sometime in 2015”

The fictional world behind Lead to Fire posits an alternate future where the animal world is undergoing their version of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution simultaneously.


Around Furry Fandom


Unique music video from a fursuiter’s point of view.

Furocity Radio seeks station staff. Check out their Andrew WK interview.

Good for Furocity Radio for going out of their way to put out some cool material – give them a hand!  I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed that Andrew WK did a furry interview for them.  It was around the time he endorsed support for Furries, early this year.  The interview runs about 37 minutes.  It’s posted together with interviews with Uncle Kage and NIIC The Singing Dog.


Random internet fun…


Crowds, cuteness overwhelm first Hello Kitty Con.

Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles had 25,000 fans show up for the sold-out event.

(Nope… that would have happened in San Francisco.)