Furry Night Live – ‘The Greatest Show in Fur’ – at Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend on 11/15

by Patch O'Furr

This weekend:  Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend brings a SECOND San Francisco Bay Area convention to San Jose, CA.  


The long-established Further Confusion, occurring every January, is now augmented by PAW, a new event offering more than once a year activity.  It features:  “Photo Shoot, Dealers Area, Gaming and Semi-quiet Social Area, Open Cash Bar During Dances, Fursuit Dance Comp, Fursuit Games… and more!”

Courtesy of Super Jayhawk, from the Bay Area Furries mailing list:

“We’d like to announce that Furry Night Live, “The Greatest Show in Fur”, will be hosting a room party this next Saturday, November 15, at the Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend Inaugural “Paw-Raiser” Fall Festival! We’ll be there to wish the new con well and will be having a party with a fursuit photoshoot, replays of classic videos from our legacy of all 10 shows since 2005, and throwing around ideas for new projects and videos we’d like to do.

Fursuits are welcome! If you’d like to get a pic of your new suit, come by! We’ll be setting up a heads-off zone aside from the photoshoot for those that need a break. We plan to start the party right after the conclusion of the Fursuit Games at Main Stage at 7:30pm.

For more info about the PAW event itself, check out : http://www.pacanthro.org/ .  The event starts Friday at 6:00pm through Saturday night.”

I asked Super Jay to share some Furry Night Live info for Dogpatch Press: 

“Here’s my quick bio of our efforts for the last 10 years:

Furry Night Live, “The Greatest Show in Fur”, has been entertaining the furry fandom since 2005 with their own irreverent brand of comedy, drama and fursuit silliness that have made it a fan favorite for 10 shows, five at FC 2005-2009 , two at Califur 2010-2012, and most recently Texas Furry Fiesta, from 2011-2013.

Furry Night Live borrows a page from “Saturday Night Live” in having an established cast of star fursuited performers combined with skit-writing and planning that we spend all year working on to produce the best in furry entertainment both on the stage and on the video screen.  You can see our work from previous years on YouTube.

Our team includes not only fursuit performers, but videographers, script writers and directors, audio and video editing gurus and we are on a mission to express the furry experience both on stage and on the big screen!  We’re always looking for performers, production editors and creative types that are looking to chase this dream.  We have room parties at some of the cons in the fandom to try to throw around ideas, find new people interested in making something awesome, and showcasing our work for the last ten years!

If you can’t make it to one of our get-togethers or aren’t in town you can always E-mail us at furrynightlive@gmail.com, or look for us on twitter at @furrynightlive!”