“All the Single Furries” parody fursuit video provokes special awe

by Patch O'Furr

It’s the video they LOVE to hate.  They can’t tear their eyes away while they stare.  There must be some German word for that emotion – something that means spellbound horror. hell

I shared it without comment, shortly after it was posted on August 31.  Now, it wormed it’s way back to my attention. It’s attracting special antipathy, with Youtube likes outnumbered by double dislikes… but the nearly 90,000 views keep rising.  (In the lag for this to post, it’s risen by 10,000 a week.)

The horror... 

The horror…

Maker EZwolf only has one more popular video, his “Furry Gangnam Style” parody.  At near 180,000 views, it could be the most popular fursuit music video. (It doesn’t exactly compare, because it only uses the most popular song ever, with extra fun and ambitious Dutch location shooting. A cow herd?!)

For comparison, check the 90,000 views but ONLY 1/8 amount of dislikes for “Boomer The Dog’s” notorious appearance on Dr. Phil. It caused much bewilderment from outsiders and grousing from fans, who claim Boomer makes them look bad. (For the record: I think he’s fabulous and very nice to hear from online, a true outsider/beautiful freak who hurts nobody.) 

A non-furry friend reminded me of “All The Single Furries” and it’s strange fascination:

just found this and thought of you.

I replied:

I’ve seen the video. The music is so cringeful… but what the hell… I’ll watch anything with cute dancing animals. Seeing them do live dance competitions is better than acid.  There’s a point where cuteness is so brash it’s almost fascist. It frustrates haters because they can’t embarrass those who have no shame. It’s like a war atrocity against taste.

It’s hypnotic, especially with the music muted. I have to admire the editing and synched dancing.  The maker does a lot of high quality fan videography. The costuming takes a high level of craft – they even developed special cooling vests underneath.  I dislike the vests because you can see they’re so bulky… plus they aren’t so good to hug.  They should just suffer for their art.  Like we suffer to watch it.  It’s good pain that sears away toxic internet outrage – It’s like anti-venom.

Do my non-serious comments dishonor the innocent fun?  I don’t think I’m being too cynical… I think they know exactly what they’re doing.


If it puts me in a hypnotic state, and you happen to be fursuiting near me… excuse me for hugging you like mad.

Just pray it doesn’t become the new Rickroll.